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Bill O'Reilly and I debate his coverage of Trump on 'The Factor'

Z on TV: Bill O'Reilly thinks he's been hard enough on Donald Trump, but I disagree.

Last week, I wrote a column questioning the the way cable TV show hosts and interviewers were kissing up to Donald Trump.

Ever since the Fox News debate, the networks and cable channels can't get enough of Trump, and they couldn't be nicer in their interviews. They essentially let him dictate the terms -- calling in, for example -- and they rarely confront him the way Megyn Kelly did during the debate.

Here's a link to that column and another on the same topic.

And here's video from Thursday night's "O'Reilly Factor" where the host and I debated the coverage.

I believe hosts like O'Reilly have a responsibility to help frame the parameters of national debate on issues through their shows. They not only set the agenda, they help determine the tone of the civic conversation.

I don't believe they are doing that when they decline to challenge Trump on his more extreme statements about Mexican, women and some of his opponents.

Here's Mediaite's take on our debate.

And here is what the Huffington Post had to say.

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