Ben Carson says Obamacare 'worst thing' in nation 'since slavery'

The Baltimore sun

Apparently quoting Vladimir Lenin to explain the deeper meaning of Obamacare, and stopping just short of calling President Barack Obama a communist, isn't inflammatory enough for Ben Carson in his new role as a paid Fox News contributor.

After leveling the Joe-McCarthy-like charges against Obama on Megyn Kelly's show earlier this week, here's Carson raising his game and introducing "slavery" into the already fevered debate over the Affordable Care Act.

I wonder how Johns Hopkins is feeling now about that "emeritus" title they gave Carson when he resigned in July. At the time, I am sure it seemed like a small price to get him out of Hopkins Medicine after his widely-denounced remarks about gay marriage.

Check out the video. This is what a rabble-rouser does. And Carson's got the nerve to denounce the media for not fostering "rational" discussion about the major issues of the day.

Carson made the remarks at the Values Voter Summit in Washington Friday.

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