98 Rock sets new lineup with Kirk McEwen

A familiar voice returns to WIYY.

WIYY-FM, 98 Rock, announced the return of Kirk McEwen and a retooled lineup today.

Here's part of the station's press release:

Popular radio personality Kirk McEwen is returning to Baltimore’s airwaves to host 98 Rock’s 3pm-7pm show. The move represents a homecoming for McEwen, who was the long time co-host of 98 Rock’s dominant morning show. McEwen will also take the lead in hosting 98 Rock’s Ravens-related programming.

“It feels like my last name was, From 98 Rock”, says McEwen.  “Everywhere I go, people still say, ‘hey, aren’t you Kirk from 98 Rock?’ I couldn’t be more excited to come back to the station where I got my start! I’ve got a lot of pent up energy and I’m ready to unleash it on Baltimore.”  

In a related move, veteran 98 Rock personality Amelia will move from her afternoon slot to the10am-3pm Midday show vacated by the recent retirement of 38-year radio host Sarah Fleischer.


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