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Eunetta T. Boone, Hollywood producer and former Evening Sun sportswriter, dies

Eunetta T. Boone, who started her media career as a sportswriter at The Evening Sun and went on to become a highly successful Hollywood producer for such TV shows as the “The Hughleys” and “My Wife and Kids,” died at 63 from an apparent heart attack Wednesday.

The University of Maryland, College Park graduate was working as executive producer on the Disney Channel’s “Raven’s Home.”

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Zurawik: 'Veep' not so funny, wickedly sharp after departure of Iannucci, arrival of Trump

I loved “Veep,” but I stopped watching regularly when creator Armando Iannucci left the HBO series after four seasons.

I could handle the series leaving Baltimore in 2015 after four years to shoot in Los Angeles. That’s business. But Iannucci leaving, that’s art — or, rather, the end of an inspired TV series as art.

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Let's remember and celebrate past heroes as we deal with current presidential crisis

In the midst of President Donald Trump’s screwy and alarming Twitter tirade over the weekend in connection with Jeanine Pirro’s suspension, his depiction on “Saturday Night Live” and the Federal Communication Commission’s failure to punish his enemies, I found some real comfort and hope in the past.

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Trump tweets on Pirro's absence suggest Fox feeling some boycott heat

President Trump was upset when he couldn’t find one of his favorite Fox hosts, Jeanine Pirro, on Fox News Saturday night, so he took to Twitter Sunday morning to vent about it.

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Tucker Carlson's politics aren't the issue, it's his ugly, divisive, hateful rhetoric

Advertiser boycotts played a role in taking down hosts Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck on Fox News in years past.

Here’s hoping for the same fate for Tucker Carlson today as the prime-time host finds himself back in the news this week over ugly, crude, debased, misogynistic, homophobic and racist remarks he made on a shock jock radio show between 2006 and 2011.

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Mayor's State of the City address short on energy and vision

“State of … “ speeches are supposed to leave listeners feeling energized, animated and ready to go out to do whatever it takes to achieve a better future for their city, state or nation.

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