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CNN suing Trump White House for return of Acosta's credentials

CNN is suing President Donald Trump and top aides on the White House communications team in an effort to get correspondent Jim Acosta’s press credentials immediately restored, the network announced this morning.

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Zurawik: Media going beyond nanosecond news-cycle disease with follow-up looks at midterm vote

One of the big problems with the media in recent years is the way we always seem to be chasing the latest tweet.

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After White House suspension of CNN's Acosta, no middle ground any more in battle to cover Trump

Even by the contentious standards of President Donald Trump’s generally troubled relationship with the press, what happened Wednesday at the White House between him and reporters from CNN, NBC, PBS and American Urban Radio Networks is truly shocking.

The president directed his greatest anger toward CNN’s Jim Acosta, a longtime target of his ire.

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Five unconventional takeaways on media campaigns from Hogan's big win

Donald Trump’s shocking 2016 victory challenged a lot of conventional truths about media and political campaigning.

Since he spent almost nothing on TV advertising, analysts started questioning the wisdom of spending millions on ads. Trump’s Twitter success further raised questions about the need for big TV spending.

We are in a time of massive media transition — no doubt about it.

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Zurawik: Fox News gives itself totally over to Trump on election eve in a new propaganda low even for Hannity

There is no story that I wrote about more in the last couple of years than President Donald Trump’s effort to build an unprecedented right-wing messaging machine wedding platforms like Fox News and the Sinclair Broadcast Group to his presidency.

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NBC, Fox, Facebook pull racist Trump ad on eve of midterms

NBC, Fox News and Facebook pulled a Trump campaign anti-immigrant advertisement that is widely considered to be racist.

CNN refused to run the ad last week, but other outlets accepted it, including NBC, where the ad aired during “Sunday Night Football,” which has audience of about 20 million.

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