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Fox Nation: A place even more partisan, right-wing, pro-Trump than Fox News

I spent the better part of two days in Fox Nation, and I am in no hurry to return, believe me.

The on-demand, subscription streaming service launched at the end of November has promoted itself as a place where for $5.99 a month the most engaged and serious fans of Fox News can get even more of their favorite kinds of shows and hosts.

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Trump's border wall speech was the moment he lost his media swagger

Tuesday night was a major moment in the presidency of Donald Trump.

In fact, depending on how things shake out between now and the release of the Mueller probe and the 2020 elections, media and political historians might come to think of it as a landmark: the night Trump lost his media swagger.

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Zurawik: Trump takes new approach in Oval Office address. The result is flat, empty, unconvincing

An embattled President Donald Trump turned to his favorite medium, television, tonight to try to gain public support for his controversial wall on the United States’ Southern border.

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Taking something extra away from 'Kominsky' win at Golden Globes

There wasn’t anything at the Golden Globes Sunday night to rival the emotional power of Oprah Winfrey’s speech last year at the awards show.

But there were a couple of moments for me during last night’s telecast that were special and even instructional.

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Let's dare to be an unlovable press in vetting Baltimore mayor's police commissioner nominee

I started 2018 with a column about Mayor Catherine Pugh and the media in reaction to her first tweet of the new year calling for Baltimore citizens to “change the narrative.” It was part of what I described as a larger effort by her last year to falsely blame the media for Baltimore’s negative image.

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The end of a very bad year for Trump's right-wing message machine

The news keeps getting worse for the right-wing messaging machine that President Donald Trump looked like he had fired up and ready to go last year at this time.

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