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CBS Sports Network revisits historic UMBC basketball victory tonight on 'Four Sides'

UMBC’s upset of the University of Virginia in last season’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament is the kind of feel-good sports story you can’t get enough of, and CBS Sports Network is serving up another tasty helping tonight at 7 on its “Four Sides of the Story” series.

The half-hour program is divided into four segments, with the topic looked at from four points of view.

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Frontline offers chilling portrait of rising neo-Nazi movement in U.S.

No TV news organization is doing a better job of chronicling the rise of right-wing hate groups in this country than Frontline.

In August, the PBS series offered “Documenting Hate: Charlottesville,” a powerful reminder of the deadly alt-right rallies in Virginia in 2017. The report, which featured Frontline and ProPublica correspondent A.C.

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Zurawik: Court hands CNN, the press a victory and Trump a defeat — for now

U.S.District Court Judge Timothy J. Kelly today ruled in CNN’s favor in its lawsuit against the Trump administration and ordered the White House to immediately restore correspondent Jim Acosta’s press pass.

The pass was suspended last week after a contentious exchange at a Trump press conference in which the president called Acosta “a rude, terrible person.”

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From Nixon and Hoover to Trump and Mueller, Sunday night TV that makes us smarter

Prime-time, Sunday-night TV is not usually expected to make us smarter or more informed citizens.

Amuse, entertain, engage and occasionally transport — those have traditionally been the primary functions of the TV series and shows we sit down with at the end of our weekend for some relaxation and escape.

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CNN suing Trump White House for return of Acosta's credentials

CNN is suing President Donald Trump and top aides on the White House communications team in an effort to get correspondent Jim Acosta’s press credentials immediately restored, the network announced this morning.

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Zurawik: Media going beyond nanosecond news-cycle disease with follow-up looks at midterm vote

One of the big problems with the media in recent years is the way we always seem to be chasing the latest tweet.

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