'The X Factor' recap, Annapolis singer David Correy gets cut

Last night’s "The Voice" did not disappoint. We saw a full range of performances, a judges' brawl and Britney got bangs. If that’s not excitement then I don’t know what is. Tonight though, we had to say goodbye to four more singers (one from each group) — including David Correy, the adopted Annapolis singer whose "X Factor" journey began as a way to find his biological mother in Brazil. But more on that later.

Demi’s young adults were first on the chopping block. She first saved Jennel Garcia and Paige Thomas, in her crazy, giant hat. This was no real shock as the judges loved them last night. That meant that CeCe Frey and Willie Jones would have to fight it out.

Cece sang “On My Own,” and was good, but that spark she had when she sang “I Will Always Love You” seems to have dimmed. Willie sang “You Don’t Know Me.” He was the obvious weak link and Demi sent him packing.

In a more shocking deliberation, Maryland’s own David Correy got the boot. LA gave the safety to Tate Stevens and Vino Alan forcing David to sing against Jason Brock.

Jason sang “One Moment in Time” and David sang “Since U Been Gone.” Neither performance was great, and Simon shared my sentiment. Well, he was much harsher, saying pretty much that they were both going to lose so what’s the point. Ouch!

Britney was next to narrow her group down to three. She gave good news to Beatrice Miller and Carly Rose Sonenclar and bad news to Arin Ray and Diamond White.

Arin and Diamond both had two of the strongest performances of the night. This one really was a coin flip. As simon pointed out, they both deserved to stay there.

Britney ended up telling Diamond White that her time in this competition is over, and Diamond couldn’t have been sweeter. I thought that she had potential to win the whole thing.

Simon had to choose between two girl groups. Emblem3 and Lyric 145 were told they were moving on, which meant 1432 and Sister C were in the bottom two. The judges seemed to love Sister C which is why it was so surprising that they went home.

While this wasn’t a happy moment for Sister C, we did get two good moments out of the judges around this time. Before announcing who was going home host Khloe Kardashian said we’ll have to wait after the break. The camera then panned to Simon looking bored and mad. Thats why we love Simon.

We also learned that Mario Lopez does not go off script! Simon wanted to say who was staying instead of who was leaving, saying that it was more positive. Well I guess the cue cards said differently and they fought it out for about a minute. Mario must hate change.

What did you think? Are you impressed with the top 12? Did Mario and Khloe past the test in week one? And what do you want 1432’s new name to be?

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