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'The Walking Dead' recap, 'Inmates'

Relax everyone, Tara is OK. She was hiding in a cage at the prison.

Daryl, Carol, Glenn, Maggie, Beth, Tyreese, Judith, Lizzie and Mika are all OK, too.

Last week's midseason premiere followed the path of Rick and Carl as they got their wits about them after the fall of the prison, and also Michonne as she had a vision quest. This week's episode, ironically called "Inmates," caught up with everyone else, so it was good for those of you with limited attention spans.

We first see that Daryl and Beth are OK, so I'm sure all of the ladies out there had a big sigh of relief when they saw that that big hunk Daryl was still alive! Am I right guys, or what? Beth is reading out of her princess diary while Daryl sulks. C'mon Daryl, perk up, you're acting like a child.

Elsewhere, Tyreese is trekking through the woods with Lizzie, Mika and Judith! Yep, despite the bloody car carrier from the midseason finale, Judith is OK, but maybe not for long if Tyreese continues to let psycho Lizzie hold her.

That Lizzie is a real piece of work. It seems that she was the one dissecting and vivisecting all of those small animals back at the prison, and she tries to quiet Judith down by stifling her breathing. Babysitting fail.

Mr. Mom Tyreese gets some relief when Carol shows up out of nowhere. Apparently Tyreese still doesn't know that Carol burned up his girlfriend Karen, but even if he did know, he'd probably still be relieved to have Carol take those crazy kids off of his hands.

The remainder of the prison escapees is kind of a hodge-podge — Maggie, Sasha and Bob — and they seem to be kind of like "How did WE end up together!?"

Well they find a bus, and Maggie wants to evacuate it to find out if Glenn was on there. Jeez, Maggie, can't you just climb a tree and shout for him or something? C'mon.

Anyway, they find some train tracks and this poor father and son team who never really had a chance. Years from now, those actors will be like "Y'know, I was on 'The Walking Dead' " at a party, and their conversation partner will be like "Oh yeah? Who?" and they'll be like "That guy who was fighting zombies by the train tracks and said like three words before being eaten by zombies." And the person they're talking to will be like "Oh, cool, listen, I'm gonna go play Jenga."

The exciting thing about the train tracks is that apparently they lead to Terminus, a safe haven that promises
"sanctuary for all, community for all. Those who arrive, survive." Yeah, we'll see about that. We'll just have to see about that, then, won't we?

Back at the prison, Glenn is having the roughest go of all. He is trapped on some crumbling crows nest with a horde of zombies below him. Luckily, he decks himself out in riot gear, finds Tara hiding in the cage, and joins forces with her.

They have some deep conversation about my friend Hershel, and who you can trust in this hell on earth, and before you know it they meet three new characters!

Until next week...


At first glance, this episode seems to just dart around between the other characters after the fall of the prison. But we actually got a lot of answers that we had been waiting for. I'm sure that there is more to her story, but Carol is back in the picture, and so is Judith. We discover what many had already suspected: Lizzie (Borden) was the one butchering those rats and rabbits. (Umm, hi? Serial killer much?) And we seem to be on track to find the source of the radio transmission from earlier this season. We also got to meet Abraham, Eugene and Rosita.


Readers of the graphic novel were no doubt excited to see the introduction of these three beloved characters from Robert Kirkman's comic books.

Abraham Ford seems to be some sort of military guy, and is played by 49-year-old Michael Cudlitz, who has been in shows like "24", "Lost" and "Prison Break".

Eugene Porter has a big mullet but may be sharper than he looks. He is played by 35-year-old Josh McDermitt, who was in "Last Comic Standing".

Rosita Espinosa is a lovely Latina, played by 23-year-old Christian Serratos, who was Angela Weber in some thing called "Twilight".


  • Five different sets of twins have played Judith.
  • This is just the third episode in the series in which Rick did not appear.


  • Daryl was wearing his awesome "fallen angel" vest again.
  • When Tara first says "Hope you enjoyed the show, apples!" it first appears that she is yelling at us, the audience. (Thanks Walking Dead Wikia)
  • When Abraham, Eugene and Rosita make their first appearance, they are posed almost exactly as they were in their first appearance in the graphic novel (issue 53).


Daryl: "Faith. Faith hasn't done shirt for us. Sure as hell didn't do anything for your father."

Daryl: "That ain't walker blood…"

Beth: "We're not gonna die, none of us. I believe now. I believe for daddy. If this doesn't work, I don't know how I could keep going."

Mika: "Is everybody dead?

Lizzie: "She's gone. You yelled at her and now she's gone."

Glenn: "I don't want it, I need it ... I need to find Maggie."

Abraham: "You got a damned mouth on you, you know that? What else you got?"


I liked it when Maggie started slamming that guys head against the school bus. She was like "Why are you head butting the bus? Why are you head butting the bus?" And he was like "Is this how I get to the HEAD of the class?"


That one that Glenn killed in the flowing white garb. Its teeth were SO messed up! I doubt all of that damage was post zombie apocalypse. I have a feeling that man had been eating Laffy Taffy for breakfast, Fun Dip for lunch, Jujyfruits for dinner and Pixy Stix for snacks to get chompers like that. There was another one this week that looked kind of like Freddy Krueger. Is that like a running joke at this point?

Zombies: I counted 27, but I feel like I missed a couple and there were a bunch of inconclusive blows. Story Sync said 28 and that's what we'll go with. That's about 256 on the season, with 56 coming in the last two episodes.
Humans: Those two guys on the railroad tracks. They seemed to be a father and son. Walking Dead Wikia calls them Christopher and Christopher's father. 37 so far this season.


Who's shoe did they find near the train tracks that made Beth cry? What book was Carl reading in the house? Who was on the other end of that radio transmission from earlier in the season? What is new with Morgan?

A look ahead to the next episode, "Claimed"

We get to meet Abraham, Eugene and Rosita. Also, Michonne tours a house with lots of weird art, and talks things over in the kitchen with Rick.

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