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'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap: Episode 4

This episode was crazier than a "Vampire in Sunlight" (quoting Phaedra). Phaedra feels bad about last week's fight between her hubby, Apollo, and Cynthia's hubby, Papa Smurf, I mean, Peter. She brings over a gift basket as a peace offer. Kim is flattered that she has the decency to apologize and confirms that Cynthia still hasn't sent over a baby shower gift. 

At Papa Smurf's new bar, Peter and Cynthia's sister Mel have it out. Can you believe her sister (and mother) actually thought about hiding the marriage certificate at the wedding? I think I have to side with Peter on this one. She's got some huge ballzinas to even plot that on national TV. But Cynthia's sister is just concerned, considering that Peter is a habitual money borrower. Cynthia funded his last venture, which flopped, and now we are on the second. In the next episode we learn that this new bar lost an investor and Cynthia, yet again, comes running with her wallet. My verdict is out on Papa Smurf.

No bricks have been laid at Sheree's "chateau." She brings Phaedra along for some muscle to keep the contractor on a schedule. The contractor seems a little worried about Sheree's income source. I guess he knows she's not rich. He plans to take his time until those checks come in.

Kim and Kroy learn how to change diapers and wipe doo doo via a baby consultant. I could have sworn that Kim gave birth to two other children, but perhaps she's forgotten what it's like to have a baby. But their consultant does explain the difference between caring for a girl and a boy, especially the circumcision. Kim is worried that the baby will feel it, but Kroy consoles her and says he didn't remember it at all. Then she takes a pregnancy test for giggles.

The whole gang (minus Kim of course) gets together for Kandi's Dirty Thirty party. She turned 35 and was super bummed about not being married or having more babies. I think she's been dealt a good hand considering she's not married and stars on "The Real Housewives." Just a thought.

All Kandi's friends came out for the evening, even the extras of the show -- Lawrence, who looked like Mr. T dipped in Wonder Women, and super stylist Derek J. As a present, Pheadra brings out a big red box filled with a male stripper, Ridiculous. Even though NeNe thought the idea was just trashy (and so did Kandi's mom), Kandi seemed to be amazed. I won't go into detail about what talent Ridiculous, has but I will say it's quite interesting. You may want to catch the repeats this week. 

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