'Terra Nova' recap: Episode 7, Proof

Man, "Terra Nova" was all over the place this week. Last week's episode, and the aftermath, were reminiscent of a misleading second date: You think things are worthwhile, taking a turn for the better, only to be reminded there’s a reason you’re single come date three: The person sitting next to you (or show airing in front of you) just clearly does not have their crap together.

A lot of things were thrown at the wall this week in “Terra Nova,” and only a few stuck. So let’s get to the plot points that will actually someday matter. Several weeks ago, Boylan and Sixer-Leader Mira had Josh make a promise: In exchange for bringing his girlfriend back from the future (complete with hover boards and self-lacing sneakers, one can only hope), they would ask Josh to do something. Anything. At any time. And he would have to do it.

That “something” is petty theft: Josh has to steal medicine from his mother, Elisabeth, for use by the Sixers -- a humanitarian effort with malicious undertones. Stealing from the infirmary is tantamount to inviting banishment from the settlement (and we’ve seen how well that goes for others, evidenced further in this episode). But despite Josh’s trepidation, and despite a warning from Skye (which was probably not entirely selfish), one Princess Leia-esque hologram visit from his girlfriend later, he decides to steal.

Now, Josh eventually comes clean to his parents about his trespass, and they respond with all appropriate horror, but Jim and Elisabeth are far from winning the Parents-of-the-Prehistoric-Year-Award this episode, which I’ll elaborate on later. Whether or not their reaction affects the deal he’s made with the Sixers has yet to be seen, but it’s clueing in the settlement that all is not well in Terra Nova.

As if they needed another reminder – Jim and Taylor are slowly getting closer to finding out the Sixers’ mole in Terra Nova, and even within the walls of the settlement, things are fraying. There’s been talk from the show’s creators that things start to get even dicier with the arrival of the 11th Pilgrimage – the same incoming group of settlers that’s supposed to include Josh’s girlfriend. Next week’s previews give indication that the alliance between Jim and Taylor’s wearing thin. Honestly, this week was a hodge-podge of storylines (and only one dinosaur!), so I’m just going to cut to some summary points.

The story that bore the most resemblance to a plot: Nerd-girl Maddy is elated when she take on an internship with a scientist she’s hero-worshipped since she was a child, a man named Horton (who doesn’t hear Who’s, much to mine and Dr. Seuss’ chagrin) who's responsible for helping Terra Nova establish a pretty righteous apple orchard. But Horton may not be who he says he is, and Maddy’s catching on (crappy parenting alert I mentioned before: Elisabeth basically ignores Maddy when she shares her concerns). Some further research reveals the sham-scientist is actually the perpetrator of some high-tech and brutal identity theft, and as “Horton” catches on, he comes darnn close to stabbing Maddy to death with his walking cane. Jim intervenes, thanks to some ridiculous “panic words” Maddy relays to him via Zoe, so maybe he is still in the running for that parenting award. Whatever. The panic phrase involved asparagus, so I’m immediately uninterested.

Side note: I love how Maddy talks to Zoe like she’s a peer, and not a little sister. As one who inexplicably became best friends with a younger sibling, and as one who has to interact with kids on a regular basis, I can relate to Maddy in this regard. Kids are often smarter than adults, and I love the sibling dynamic between the two of them.

Adorable Zoe moment of the night: The child is convinced Horton’s a vampire. I mean, come on, that’s cute. “Twilight” notwithstanding.

Profound statement of the night, or “Why has no one asked this question before?”: An infuriated Josh yelling at his parents, demanding to know why no one can communicate with 2149 (other than the Sixers). Certainly would solve a lot a problems, wouldn’t it?

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