'Survivor: One World' recap: Episode 10, 'I'm No Dummy'

It’s night 23, back at camp after Tribal Council, and things are a little awkward. Troyzan has figured out that he doesn’t have an alliance, and that it’s way too late to do anything about it. While Troy and the women bicker, we see Leif sitting there silently. I hope that Troy causes such a fuss that the women forget about Leif and that he lasts a few more episodes. I think he’s got a good chance of winning some immunity challenges, because he never gives up.

About this time every season I try to pick out those that I like who might actually have a chance of winning.  I’m invariably disappointed every time. This time, my picks are Leif (who doesn’t have a chance) Chelsea, and Sabrina. I reserve the right to change my choices if any of the aforementioned Survivors start acting like idiots. It’s happened before.

Uh oh. Troy is talking about what is "fair." It’s a game, Troy, and you were fine with it when you were on the winning side. Chelsea agrees with me. And then Troy mixes a little misogyny with his bitterness, and I’m done with him.

Challenge time! And it’s the good old-fashioned auction. I think this one has been around since the first season, when they were damn near starving. New is the rule that you can’t pool your money or share your items. This is really meant to pit them against each other, isn’t it? After 23 days of limited food, you might cut someone for donuts or pizza, and definitely hold a grudge against the person who took it away from you. Various food items are auctioned off, and then a camp shower, which Kim buys. It only went for $40, which I can understand. I’d rather be dirty and full.

Tarzan wants to keep the $500 he was given to bid with to fix the shocks on his Jeep. Isn’t he a doctor? Shouldn’t he have the money to do that? Next up is letters from home. Alicia bids her whole $500 for them, and bursts into tears even before she gets her letter. Okay, maybe I’m dead inside and all, but I would be seeing my family in about a week anyway, so I would spend my money on the food; I figure the food would help me in the game. Since Alicia bid $500, that is the cost for everybody else to buy their letters as well. Tarzan takes advantage of it.

Wow, this challenge is turning into therapy, as Jeff makes Troy cry as well. The next item is an advantage in the immunity challenge. Troy buys it for $420, and then is bitter some more. Kay buys a mystery item for $160, and it is a whole cake, which they only have 60 seconds to eat, which shouldn’t be a problem.

Back at camp, Troy goes off in private to read his clue to the Immunity Challenge. He learns that he gets to skip the first step and go directly to the second, which gives him a 1 in 4 chance of winning. I think that was worth it, especially given his standing in the tribe right now.

Troy also decides to go looking for an Immunity Idol, on the off chance that there’s another one lying around.  Which sends the women off looking for an idol as well.  Troy fakes out finding an idol, in the hopes that it keep them from voting for him. Kat (surprisingly) has the astute observation that it doesn’t matter if he has an Immunity Idol; they have the numbers, and they’ll just flush it out with votes.

Immunity Challenge time! The first part is untangling knotted ropes. The first four to finish move on to shooting out targets for immunity. Everybody except Troy start untying ropes, and once again, I wonder about the person whose job is it to tie the ropes in knots in the first place.

Wow, Tarzan finished the ropes first, followed by Kim and Christina. They move on to the next part of the challenge, and the women sitting out are openly cheering for everybody buy Troy, and I feel bad for him until he finishes the first part of the targets and announces “This is my island!” That was obnoxious; I don’t feel bad for him anymore. Tarzan also moves on to the slingshot targets.

The slingshots are set up like a tic-tac-toe target, and they need to make three in a row to win. I think this is the best Tarzan has done in a challenge this whole season. But Troy gets three first, and wins immunity, much to the chagrin of the women. And, of course, he can’t shut up about it once he wins. You know, he’s a great competitor, and I would be completely rooting for him if he would just stop flying off the handle all the time. He’s a bit of a drama queen.

After the challenge, Tarzan of all people has words of wisdom for Troy, “If you win, be noble.” Troy basically responds, “thanks, but no,” but with a whole bunch more words.

Oh no, Chelsea and Kim are talking about getting rid of Leif. But without Troy to take out, they need another option. They realize the other women will go crazy if another woman goes, so really, it’s either Leif or Tarzan. Troy is planning to talk to Christina and Alicia about taking Kim out. If those ladies are smart, they will realize that they are on the bottom of their alliance, and go for it. They probably won’t though. Plus, how awesome would it be if Kim was blindsided after all of her shenanigans? She’s been a bit Smuggy McSmuggerson about the whole thing.

Tribal Council time, and Troy and Chelsea get into it right away. Sabrina, succinct as always, points out that he’s been great for most of the game, but he’s been obnoxious the last 48 hours, which causes Tarzan to go off on a rant. Yeesh. This is exactly why Kim will not be going home tonight. No one wants to hitch their wagon to Crazy.

But then Troy calmly lays out his whole plan, and it makes a whole lot of sense. Kim tries to deflect, saying no one knows who stands where in the women’s alliance, but everybody sitting there, including Jeff, knows that’s a bunch of hooey.

I want to get excited about Kim maybe going home, but I’ve been disappointed so many times by Survivor, that I almost can’t work up the energy. And, see I was right. Leif, my current favorite, gets voted out. The best I can hope for now is that Sabrina wins.

Next week: Kat and Kim fight, and Troy is still trying to get an alliance going. Yeah, yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it.

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