'Real Housewives of Orange County' recap: 'Whines by Wives'

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This week’s episode begins at the Dubrow house with Terry clipping the toenails on his perfectly manicured feet. “It’s OK not to tell a joke every second,” replies Heather when Terry asks why she has been so upset with him lately. Heather complains about how exhausting it is to be on “The Terry Dubrow Show” 24/7 and says she is tired of feeling not supported by her husband.

Tamra invites the group (sans Alexis) to a wine-tasting trip for her Wines by Wives business she started with Vicki. Playing fifth wheel, Vicki commits to joining the couples on the Malibu wine excursion but quickly realizes it is no fun being the only one without a husband or significant other on the trip.

Husbands Eddie and Slade are excited to ride their bikes while the others taste wine. Tamra expresses her concern with Eddie wanting to ride his bike more than he wants to ride her. She believes Eddie is dedicated and focused on his bike riding, but is never devoted when it comes to wedding plans.

During the first wine-tasting, Tamra calls herself a professional wine drinker who isn’t a professional alcoholic. Vicki makes a typically inappropriate and slightly insulting comment to the father/daughter vineyard duo, saying she thought they were dating, and calls the man a cradle-robber.

Alexis is aware that she wasn’t invited to join the rest of the girls on the wine-tasting trip. She wishes Vicki and Lydia could plan a nice getaway with her but is fine with not being there and avoiding any further drama with that hostile group.

Alexis and Jim have a busy weekend, with the grand opening of their trampoline gym in San Diego. They were extremely happy with the great turnout and overall success of the opening!

The girls talk about Heather’s sitcom guest appearance and Tamra asks if Heather gets to make out with anyone. “That’s the best part of being an actress!” exclaims Tamra.

Tamra isn’t the only who banters with Heather. Terry continues to make jokes about the situation, which frustrates Heather -- especially since she made it extremely clear to him earlier that the wisecracks had to stop.

At brunch, Terry talks about their private marital issues in front of the group and brings up talks of divorce. This "D" word hits some of the other housewives too close for comfort and they don’t take this lightheartedly. They chastise Terry and tell him to never joke around with that sore subject. Terry crossed a line that made Heather upset and, like any roadblock in a relationship, they must learn to work it out.

Later that evening, Terry and Heather have a private conversation and Heather feels embarrassed and hurt that Terry disclosed their complications to the group at brunch. The couple assures themselves everything will be just fine and decide to hit the pause button on their personal problems for a week or two so Heather can enjoy her moment and focus on her acting gig.

The group goes to sample more wines, but an uninvolved Vicki shops for coats instead of trying wines. “Just because Tamra is trying more wine than me doesn’t make her a better business partner…it just makes her more drunk,” asserts Vicki.

When Vicki wants to leave the trip early for a dinner in L.A. with friends, Tamra becomes extremely annoyed by Vicki’s lack of contribution to their business venture.

Tamra calls Vicki a bitch after each of them call each other out for not being engaged in the business and for not performing. Tamra is sick and tired of hearing Vicki talk about all of the events based around her new vodka line and wonders why she isn’t doing anything for the Wines by Wives.

Eddie explains that the fitness studio construction is delayed and will not be ready to open in time. He questions why Tamra is partners with Vicki, which causes Tamra to open her heart.

She finally admits that she doesn’t know how to control her emotions and that she always blows up with anger rather than communicating the proper way. Tamra blames it on her not talking about her problems in the past. Eddie advises Tamra not to bottle up her emotions, because it won’t be good for her or for their relationship.

Next week: Tamra chats with a special someone. Alexis takes a stab at acting. Heather starts filming her sitcom and leaves Terry in charge of the kids.

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