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'Khloe & Lamar' recap: Season 2 premiere, now with a sex swing

The second season premiere of "Khloe & Lamar" starts with updates on some of the show’s key characters.  Both Khloe’s and Lamar’s besties (Malika and Jamie, respectively) will be joining us this season. And, we are reminded of Kim’s “ugly cry,” courtesy of flashbacks from"Kourtney and Kim Take New York,"Season 2. Personally, I anticipated some explanation of the move to Dallas: packing, mansion-shopping, oh, and basketball too. Speaking of packing, we see Rob moving into his new apartment. 

Rob’s move doesn’t sit too well with Lamar. We see some tension between the two. Rob confides in Malika and Khloe, and notes that he is upset at Lamar for not showing up to "Dancing With the Stars"tapings.  After both guys vent to Khloe, she decides to stage a meeting for the two to talk things out. She tells both guys that the other wants to meet at the gym. Rob and Khloe arrive first and wait for Lamar, who shows up late. This upsets Rob even further, so he decides to leave. In the parking lot, we see what looks like a quick spat between the two guys. Nothing gets resolved, F bombs are thrown and Rob speeds away in a sweet Porsche. 

Meanwhile, Khloe tries to spice things up in the bedroom. Because it would be awkward to call a handyman for this, Khloe enlists Malika’s help to install a sex swing. Did everyone catch the sex scene montage? On the bed, on the pool table, on the stairs? Well, at least we know that the security cameras are working! So, it looks as if the swing was mounted just right … until Lamar mounts Khloe. Too much? I can’t even believe that they are showing this on TV! I have to admit that the collapse of the swing made me laugh out loud. Not to be discouraged, Khloe turns Rob’s former bedroom into a “love den,” complete with rose petals, another swing-like contraption and furry handcuffs. All the basics. 

Later, we see Lamar and Rob smooth things over. Lamar visits Rob’s new apartment, and they have a serious heart-to-heart discussion about their Bromance. Lamar reminds Rob that even though he may not have shown it lately, he is always there for him, “12 at noon. 12 at night.”

Back at the house, Khloe is concerned that Lamar may not like all her attempts to spice things up. We see him reject her twice, but he explains that sometimes he just wants to spend quality time together before they “get it poppin” in the bedroom. This romantic scene, and episode, ends with Khloe getting motorboated. Is that a real word?

Anyway, that’s it for tonight, but tune into E! tomorrow night for part two of the season premiere. Until tomorrow, dolls.

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