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'Jersey Shore' recap: Episode 7

It's Thirsty Thursday! However, if you're like me, there's no place you'd rather be than on your couch, watching the Jersey Shore kids act as if they are young enough for College Night.

I knew Rodger and Jenni would work things out. They really are perfect for each other: two artificially beautiful people who like to drink vodka and look at themselves in the mirror.

Team Meatball decided that the best way to save their jobs at the Shore Store would be to make Danny a cake. They worked so hard on the confection, only to have someone sneak a piece while they slept. Bet you $5 I know who did it ...

Snooki is still suffering from her "UTI." She heads to the doctor, who offers up some antibiotics. She seems inconvenienced, as she can't drink on the pills ... because, you know, the top priority while living on the Jersey Shore is to be incoherent 99% of the time.

So PAULY ate the cake! Darn! I owe you $5.

Vinny and Pauly's friendship is at the stage where it needs to become a Facebook official relationship.

I want to know how drunk this guy Joey gets before he hooks up with Deena. Aside from the Yankees hat that he wore on a previous episode, he is a pretty hot dude.

"Clock language," Snooki? Really?! You're making it too easy.

The "appliance/dirty dishes-on-the-bed" trick is nowhere near as good as the "pickle juice/mayo/gross soup" trick that was played on Snooki during the first season. You need new material, Pauly!

Deena and Snooki have some duct tape stuck in their hair ... Oh, wait. Those are their hair extensions. Yikes.

Where has Jionni been? I have a feeling that next time we see him, we will (fingers crossed) finally get that big, ridiculous blowout between all guidos involved in Snookigate.

Catch up with you guys next week - looks as though there will be some Snooki-centric drama ... again!

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