'Jersey Shore' recap: Another promising episode ruined by pointless relationship drama

Tonight's episode of "Jersey Shore" started as many do: With promise. 

The country's favorite meatballs and meat heads did the stuff that makes the show fun: They used the English language in new and inventive ways, treated their potential hook-ups with the casual disdain we've come to expect and generally entertained us as the class clowns of the country. 

Mike showed off his karate moves. The boys dubbed themselves "Mr. VP." Snooki informed women they should get C-sections when giving birth so they don't "f--- up their vaginas." (She also revealed that "guido" babies are born tan.) Somehow the word "wildebeest" was used. 

But then something happened. The same, terrible thing that always seems to happen on "Jersey Shore." A couple got into an overly dramatic, tearful fight that's pretty painful to watch. This time it wasn't the usual suspects, Ronnie and Sam, but Snooki and her boyfriend, Jionni, who was visiting from the states. 

Jionni saw Snooki dancing in a club and showing off her "cucha" for anyone to see; he got mad, walked out; she cried; blah, blah, blah. You know how this goes. 

The housemates all complained about how painful it was for them to watch. And if it was painful for them, imagine how it feels for us? 

We tune into the "Jersey Shore" because it's silly, because it's fun, because it's a non-stop buzz-filled party. But these dysfunctional relationships and their constant jealousy serve as the ultimate buzzkill at the party. 

I realize the producers at MTV probably think viewers get some voyeuristic thrill of schadenfreude from watching these relationships devolve into tearful hysteria each week, but it's getting old. 

Please, MTV: More fun, more silliness, more pranks, more drunken hook-ups. Less Snooki vs. Jionni. And if Ronnie and Sam ever get back together, cancel their contracts. 

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