Isiah Whitlock Jr. launches Kickstarter campaign for talking bobblehead

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Cough up some cash and you can help Isiah Whitlock Jr. produce a talking bobblehead that says you-know-what.

Isiah Whitlock Jr., famed for his role as sleazy politician Clay Davis on "The Wire" and an elongated delivery of a common expletive, launched a Kickstarter campaign Thursday to produce a talking bobblehead that will provide instant access to that catch phrase.

As Whitlock explains in a promotional video:

"People come up to me on the street, in bars and restaurants, on trains and planes, at sports games and even on film sets, and ask me to say my signature catchphrase. But think about. Stopping me on the street is not the most practical way to have me say ..." (The word in question starts with "sh," followed by a whole mess of 'e's' and capped eventually by a consonant.)

"I’m just one person and I can't be everywhere," the actor goes on. "But here's the good news. Now I can. With the stunningly handsome Isiah Whitlock, Jr. Talking Bobblehead, I’ll be available to you anytime, night or day, whenever, wherever you need me."

Whitlock is seeking support to develop the prototype of the hand-painted bobblehead.A note on the Kickstarter page says that the project "will only be funded if at least $12,500 is pledged by" April 18. As of midday Thursday, $3,000 had been pledged.


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