What are best friends for?

By Laura Lefavor After a humiliating sex tape somehow brought Dan and Serena back together, the new couple decides that they're ready to go public with their relationship. But first, there are some apologies in order. Dan visits Chuck and Nate to make amends over what he wrote in Vanity Fair (since his apologies went over oh-so well the first time around after his novel was published) and Serena goes after Blair to see if there's any way she can save their friendship. Blair is in the middle of putting the finishing touches on her junior fashion line, and she refuses to talk to Serena ¿ that is, until fashion-writer Nelly Yuki threatens Blair with the ultimate demise of her line (it's that serious) and Serena comes up with a way to ensure Blair's success instead. Serena tells Blair she'll send a picture to Gossip Girl that makes it seem as though she's getting back together with Steven, which will make it-girl Sage come crawling to Blair for help. The plan works, and Blair tells Sage she'll only break up Serena and her father for good if the queen bees from each Upper East Side prep school come to her show and fawn over the new line.
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