'Entourage' recap: 'The End' or when everything suddenly mattered

For the final episode of "Entourage," creator and writer Doug Ellin went all-in, for better or worse. It was a finale that felt like a Finale, with huge plot points being tied together as if the Mayans were right all along about 2012. Some storylines were more believable than others, but one thing was for sure — the "Entourage" boys wanted to go for broke, raising the stakes tenfold in both cheap and effective ways.

The endgame for Vince, who always balanced an enigmatic reputation with a personality that often felt like a blank canvas, was Sophia, a journalist who Vince fell in love with at first sight. We're supposed to believe their first date (meeting for a drink) went so well, Vince knew she was The One immediately after. In a classic "Last! Show! Ever!" move, Vince plans to gather his friends in Paris to witness his marriage (New York wasn't good enough?) to the new love of his life. As ludicous as it seemed, it was introduced early in the episode and made viewers expect an actually wedding. Another finale cliche? Why not! But it wasn't meant to be, as we were only privy to the planes taking off for their blissful destinations.

Speaking of bliss, E and Sloan somehow decide to give it another go, even though Eric slept with Melinda, Sloane's ex-stepmother and after the fact Turtle and Drama lied to Sloan about it. Last we knew, she still thought he didn't have sex with Melinda. Add in the fact that Sloan's father abhors E (calling him on the phone to warn him that when he saw E, he'd shoot him), and it seems unlikely they'd try to make it work so quickly. Eric being the father of Sloane's baby could have been enough to give it one more chance, but something felt off about the conclusion. All Vince had to do was convince Sloan? And the writers didn't even show us how he did it? It's a cop out tied with an cheap but heart-warming bow.

Did you wait around for the scene after the credits? If you switched back to the Jets/Cowboys game too early, you missed a scene of Ari and his wife, Melissa — I believe this was the first time we ever hear Mrs. Ari's first name. Does this mean "Entourage" cares about women as more than trophies? — enjoying a life of luxury, celebrating their reconcilitation (she dumped Bobby Flay; Ari quit his job to devote his time to family, another hard-to-believe move). Later, after Melissa momentarily leaves the balcony, Ari gets a call from John Ellis, who out-of-the-blue offers his CEO position of a TV/movie/etc. production company. "John, I just got here," Ari pleads, knowing the offer could make him one of the most powerful men in Hollywood and beyond. It sets up the eventual "Entourage" movie with Ari as CEO and the boys  working with him. Will Vince revive the "Aquaman" franchise? Will they try to right the wrong of "Medellin"? "Queens Boulevard Redux"? The possibilities are there, although at this point, it's hard to really care.

It's fitting "Entourage," which pretended to focus on a young, rising Hollywood actor's career, didn't touch on the future of Vince's acting career. The last few seasons haven't really been about Vince's work, but rather how male friendships can endure even when professional and personal successes and failures complicate things. There were touching moments but they're hard to pinpoint, even when I try to think back. If I really think about it, I can remember the Mandy Moore phase, the Sasha Grey benders, Vince buying Turtle those expensive shoes, Drama punching out Seth Green in Vegas. But there were 95 total episodes, and the fact that the finale felt rushed and at-times illogical says a lot about the show. It was a 25-minute sugar high of male bonding and Hollywood glamour. Nothing more, nothing less.

P.S.: Drama and Turtle were in the finale, but the writers decided their futures were not worth discussing one more time.

Was this a satifying ending to "Entourage"? What will you remember most about the series? Leave your answer in the replies.

Wesley Case is a reporter for b and the Baltimore Sun. His favorite "Entourage" season was Season 2 (with Mandy Moore, "Aquaman" and Saigon). Follow him on Twitter at @louder_now or email him at wesley@bthesite.com.

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