Middle of the pack: Sabrina Bryan

Partner: Louis van Amstel "Star" cred: Member of "The Cheetah Girls." I still don't know what that was or is. And don't tell me either -- I like to think it has something to do with puffed cheese snacks. Original season finish: Season 5, 7th Sabrina was voted in by America as the thirteenth all-star this season (beating my beloved Carson Kressley) so she clearly has a fanbase. Her elimination in her original season was supposed to be "super-shocking," but it didn't surprise me at all. There were better dancers (Helio Castronveves and Mel B, to name the first and second place finishers) and contestants with bigger fanbases (Jennie Garth, Marie Osmond). However, she did get to tour with the show, so she's been working at her dance since her season. Still, I don't think she'll make it all the way.
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