ANTM All-Stars recap: Episode 11, I Am Tookie

It's down to the top four all-stars, and things are getting serious. Each girl is awesome in her own right, and all have been top contenders throughout the season.

This week, the girls had to write a blog for vogue.it and were directed in a motion editorial by Tyra herself for her model fantasy novel "Modelland," dressed as some sort of gladiator rooster in couture. Not sure what that has to do with modeling, but sure, I can dig feathered armor.


It's all going to culminate next week during the season finale. But before someone can be named winner, Tyra has to plug her book a few more times and one more girl had to go home.  So who was it? Read on.



Babes in blogland

Since the winning all-star gets to have a blog on Vogue Italia's website, what better way to see who has the blogging chops than to have them write, take pictures and navigate around a country they don't know in order to post a blog all in three hours?

First, the girls have to pick a fabulous outfit (duh). Then, they get a guide and driver to take them to a spot of their choice to give them inspiration for the blog post. Once they're at the spot, they have to take pictures with them in it. After all is said and done, the models have to race back to the hotel and write their blog, which Nigel, the blogging authority he is, and Vogue Italia's France Sezzani get to judge. The challenge winner gets a week-long trip for two back to Crete ... minus all the harsh criticism and crazy challenges.

Lisa goes around to various clubs and restaurants in Greece to give the readers the real scoop on the country. Allison and Laura wind up going to the same spot near the water. Angelea, of course, finds the most urban area and poses on a graffiti wall like only she can.

Back at the hotel as the models are writing feverishly, Nigel tells them time is up and he and Franca will be announcing their decision the next day. Gah! Way to leave them hanging.

But the next day at the hotel, Nigel tells the girls that Angelea is the challenge winner -- her first! -- and, naturally, Lisa is shocked because she has to win everything.

Welcome to 'Modelland'

In the meantime, the models meet Mr. Jay on the set on a popular Greek show, "The Island." No, it's not Greece's version of "Lost," even though that would be awesome, but it's where the ladies are going to be directed by Ms. Tyra in a motion editorial (aka: weird-ass commercial for something that doesn't need a commercial in the first place) for her novel, "Modelland." Oh, and didn't you know it was a New York Times bestseller? Thanks, Mr. Jay, for that fun little tidbit.

So, the book centers on the main character, Tookie, who doesn't think she's good enough to be at the Modelland school (think Hogwarts, but with more models and less cool stuff). Tyra tells the ladies that they're all going to be acting out stylized scenes from chapters in the book, which apparently include digging through trash to find a button, rubbing an old toothbrush all over your face and wearing a sparkly, black cat helmet.

The best parts: the models in bright-yellow gowns with armor and weird feather metal headpieces running through the streets of Greece, Laura spraying whipped cream all over her Southern face and Allison in a makeshift Catwoman suit playing with kittens, which, while strange, was super adorable.

Bring on the male model!

On day two of shooting, Tyra brings the models a nice surprise: Tyson Beckford, who is shirtless and glistening. He's their co-star for the day. Angelea flips out and asks for a hug.


While the girls are getting ready, Tyra shoots some scenes on the rocks, including one where she, as Tookie, and Tyson are sharing a romantic moment and Tyra ruins it by sucking on his thumb. Delicious.

There's more gladiator rooster garb and a race on some dangerous-looking rocks. You know, where all the armored chickens race. The models also shoot scenes individually that will be shown when the winner is unveiled in next week's finale.

'I'm Tookie'

At panel, Tyson is the guest judge. Only half of the editorial is shown, while the other half will be played next week.

But the half we did see? Oh, it had everything: Angelea running like Forest Gump, Laura having whipped cream sprayed in her face in reverse, Lisa screaming into the camera like a banshee.

It also showed a sensitive side of Angelea, who had an emotional breakthrough while shooting her scene with Tyra. The judges love it, especially Tyson. Who doesn't he love? Allison. How dare he!

When times comes for the judges to deliberate, it gets crazy.

The judges bicker for over an hour and a half over who should stay, who should go, finding pros and cons for every model. Finally, producers tell them to knock it off and make a decision already.

Lisa is called first with Angelea second. It's down to Allison and Laura, whose personalities are polar opposites. Laura and her sweet Southern charm are sent packing.

The episode's best quotes

And there were so many! Here are a few of my favorites:

Lisa to the guide and cab driver while finding a place for her blog post: "Tell him to take me to the place where he and his girlfriend might make love."

Tyra on Angelea's running style: "Run like a normal person!"

Laura on the shoot's outfits: "'300,' woman style"

Allison on the obvious: "It's been brought to my attention that I might be a bit strange."

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