ANTM All-Stars Episode 10: From models to Olympians

Thanks to Tyra Banks, we now know what the original Olympic games would have looked like if they had couture dresses and expensive jewelry. Hint: Jumping hurdles in high heels looks hard.

The models got to explore Greece some more, drink with some cute Grecian men and have a good yelling match over some constructive criticsm. If your friends can't tell you that you lack confidence, who can?

In the end, someone still went home, and it wasn't the obvious choice. Read on.


Let the judging begin

Shaking things up, the models are surprised with a challenge from Ms. J, who makes them constructively criticize each other on their runway walks, star quality and photo portfolio. Who doesn't love some drama?

The girls rip into each other (yay!). Angelea calls Lisa's walk sloppy, Lisa says Angelea is trying too hard and Laura gets called "a white girl with sass."

And because that isn't good enough, Ms. J then asks all the girls to say who they thought had the least potential as an all-star. Copping out Being nice, Laura says she thinks everyone deserves to be there. Allison punks out, I mean agrees with Laura. Surpsingly, Lisa keeps her mouth shut for once.

But Dominique, oh goodness, she opens a can of worms and singles out Angelea because she lacks confidence, which, clearly, she does. And then all hell breaks loose.

Laura, Lisa and Dominique tell Angelea how much they love her and how they wish she could show genuine confidence in how great she is instead of beating herself up and being her own worst enemy. But all Angelea hears is "blah blah blah, I'm tearing you down and I don't really like you, so I'm going to embarass you in front of Ms. J." She storms out in tears after exchanging some not-very-top-modely words but comes back after Ms. J tells her to suck it up.

After all of that, the models had to evalute each other, from most potential to least. Allison was collectively voted the model with the least amount of star quality (blasphemy!) and Laura was voted the model with the most. They all celebrated on a yacht, later drinking shots at a Greek nightclub. Tough life.

Put shot? Shoot pot?

On a cliff among some ruins (isn't that all of Greece?) Mr. Jay tells the girls that Nigel will be shooting them while they pose as classic Greek Olympians engaging in classic Olympic games, such as shot put and discus and other sports I could never do.

Dominique gets to pretend to throw a javelin in a sassy blue dress, but Nigel thinks she isn't letting her personality shine through. Allison fakes throwing a purse like a discus (the obvious modern equivalent) and struggles before finding her groove.

Lisa, after some coaxing, jumps hurdles over a column that has jewelry all over it. Just like the original Greeks did. Laura gets to do archery, which comes naturally to her since her sister uses a bow and arrow to kill rodents. Gotta love them country folk.

Angelea (surprise!) struggles and can't throw a shot put, let alone remember what the sport is called. Nigel literally has to pose her arms and legs before she starts to get it ... kind of. Her fate isn't looking too good.

Greek goddesses

Ms. J is the guest judge at panel, because she got to do the challenge with the gals. It makes me wish she was back to being a regular.

All the photos look good, but Laura looks great, like a real Greek goddess, and Angelea looks mediocre. Apparently Andre took an extra sassy pill that that day and had something negative to say about everyone. He would put none of the photos up in his salon.

While the judges deliberated, Ms. J brought up Angelea's little outburst and Tyra wondered how she would react if she was having a bad day on the job. Good point, Ms. Banks.

Laura gets called first while Dominique and Angelea are in the bottom two. Angelea, I can understand, but Dominique? Not so much. I guess that's what happens when only five models remain.

Tyra says Dominique has lost her pizazz since appearing on the show the first time around and Angelea still struggles with her lack of confidence. Dominique gets sent home. It's only a matter of time before Angelea's 50 second chances run out.

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