ANTM All-Stars Episode 7: Scent of a Model

This week, we got to see the girls creativity first hand when they had to create their own fragrances and then two went home after a photo shoot where they had to embody two well-known reality TV stars.

Smells juicy right? It was. Find out who won and who reaked of failure.


Au de model

Atop the Roosevelt Hotel, the girls meet with the founder of Hatch Beauty to come up with their own fragrance because everyone and their mom — and Justin Bieber — has to have a fragrance nowadays.

Each gets to name their new perfume (Lisa's: Neon, Allison's: the moridbly name Honey Blood, Angelea: uh ... Angelea) and blend their favorite three scents to create something unique. And like any other fragrance launch party, the ladies got to show it to the world later that night by selling it to their fans while in a bath tub. The fans would then rate each model and their smell and the winner would be safe from elimination. Sweet, sweet prize.

Party pooper Bianca has an issue with selling something while in a bathrub — and problems with just everything in general — and refuses to get in because Beyonce or Tyra (or, apparently Kanye West or Courtney Love) would do the challenge.

Eva the diva, winner of Cycle 3 made a guest appearance and told Lisa her crazy antics and splashing about equalled a marketable product and was therefore the winner and wouldn't be going home that week. Plus! Lisa will be the face of a new "ANTM" fragrance that'll be launched by (duh) Hatch Beauty. I just hope that "smize" or "tooch" aren't in the perfume's name.

Motorcycles and reality stars

After a milion cycles of the show, I don't blame Tyra for grasping at straws and coming up with this "dress like Nene Leakes or Snooki and pose on the back of a motorcycle" photo shoot. All of your ideas can't be winners, Tyra. But the models had to do it anyway because it's her show, dammit!

Half the girls were styled like the "Housewives of Atlanta" star and the others resembled the pickle-loving guidette. Their mothers must've been so proud. A poor biker was also subjected to their shenanigans as the models posed on the back of a motorcycle, just like Nene and Snooki do in real life, I'm sure.

Laura looks almost unrecognizable in her dark-haired Nene wig, but Angelea looks awesome and pulls the whole thing off. It's like she knows how to act sassy or something. Alexandria likes to wag her finger a lot, Allison is a convincing blonde Snooki and Bianca tries to eat a pickle without it looking to phallic. She fails and Mr. Jay takes the pickle from her, rightly so.

That's a lesson for you kids out there: Never model on the back of a motorcycle with a short dress on while sucking on a pickle. You'll wind up looking like you belong on The Block.

From 'D-List' to panel

For some reason, Kathy Griffin is the guest judge this week. Let's just assume it was part of Tyra's master plan and not because she was free and was the first person who told Tyra "yes."

Angelea and Lisa's shots look great. I forgot how good Lisa can look in a photo when she doesn't look drunk, insane or insanely drunk.

Alex's giant finger distracts me, but the judges love it, Shannon's does a strange Rosie the Riveter pose and Kayla just keeps getting weaker and weaker as the weeks progress.

But here's the twist!

Since no ladies were sent home while La Toya Jackson was guest judge, two girls are to be sent home this week. Dun dun dun!

Lisa, even though she doesn't need it since she won the challenge, gets called first because she's awesome like that and Angelea is called second.

In the bottom two three: Shannon (who doesn't take enough risks), Kayla (who has lost her sizzle) and Bianca (who thinks she's better than everyone). The judges give Shannon a second chance and send Kayla and Bianca packing. At least Bre will have her roommate back.

Worst fragrance name goes to...

Alexandria for naming her scent Diamondatrix. This leads me to believe she's a high class escort who likes to wear leather and lots of bling. I wonder how that translates into a perfume ...


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