"America's Next Top Model" recap: Slater and stilts

It was all about new prizes, new catchphrases and history repeating itself in Wednesday's episode. Oh, and AC Slater was there, too.

The 12 ladies tried to let their personalities shine in an interview with "Extra's" Mario Lopez, then had a photo shoot on stilts — literally.


In a first in "Top Model" history, the girl with the worst photo wasn't cut. Such is the magic of winning immunity during a challenge. Because of this little twist, we said goodbye to one of our favorite models. Curse your devilish ways, Tyra!



Models, meet Kristin

 "The Hills" star Kristin Cavallari surprised the models at their home and, shockingly enough, didn't start a fight or try to steal their boyfriends. Instead, they talked about haters (Kristin's specialty!) and "being who you are." Being who Kristin is meant not showing up again until panel.

Extra, Extra

At The Grove, Mario Lopez interviewed the girls in two groups and asked the hard-hitting questions, such as why Alexandria has a tough exterior and if Isis is comfortable talking about her transistion from male to female.

My question for Mario? If he stil misses his pet lizard, Artie.

While Allison and the rest of her group shined, Lisa overpowered those she was paired with with an abundance of high-fives (but, really, is there such a thing?) and talking over them. The winning group was safe from elimination during panel, which has never been done before in previous cycles. Way to mix it up, guys.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's super models!

Because playing on models fears is just so much fun, the girls wore stilts — and weird 80s meets "Matrix" unitards — during their photo shoot. Bianca reminded everyone that she's a big cry baby afraid of heights and was going to have a problem getting a good picture. The girls were put in pairs just for, you know, fun.

Before her shoot, Bianca went to the one place any girl can get in a good cry — the ladies room. But girl pulled it together in the end.

Alexandria was also impressive, taking risks with falling and putting her legs in the air (like she just don't care).

Camille (safe) and Isis (unsafe) were blah. I still keep forgetting that Camille is even on the show and Isis — for some unknown reason — wore metallic silver leggings, a crime in itself. Both couldn't deliver, though Camille was slightly worse than her partner.

Kayla, who I normally love and was safe, also fell flat this week. I have an inkling Kayla's time will be coming to an end in the next few weeks unless something miraculous happens.

The girls safe from elimination seemed to give the best and the worst photos of the bunch and those on the chopping block fell somewhere in the middle.


The worse were safe

Kristin was back for panel in her normal tank top and "I live at the beach, remember?" attire. First up were those who didn't have anything to fear followed by the other group.

Surprisingly, none of the models were awful, just average. But average is what makes girls go home.

Panel also brought us another little gem into the "Top Model" vernacular: booty tooch.

What's a booty tooch? I'm glad you asked! You know when you push your butt out and up so it's not slutty but just "look at what I'm packing!"? That's the tooch. And, apparently, that's what got Allison called first. Well, that and the adorable way she said "tooch."

Kayla and Camille had the worst pictures of the 12 ladies, but since they weren't up for elimination, weren't called last.

Alexandria and her gravity-defying legs was called first out of the second bunch. Camille and Isis were in the bottom two.

Now, I may have screamed "DON'T LET HER GO, TYRA!" at my TV screen, but that didn't do any good as Isis said adios. And, yes, you did experience some cycle 11 deja vu as Isis also went home rather early into the competition that time around, too.

If Tyra and the gang decide to do "America's Next Top Model" all-stars part deux, Isis is sure to be on the list.

Fun fact!

Isis turns 26 on Saturday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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