The suggestion was made during Monday’s Emmy awards that Idris Elba should have won, like, a million Emmys for “The Wire.” Of course he should have.

HBO’s Baltimore-set, David Simon-written drama received little Primetime Emmy love during its its five-season run (two nominations for Simon’s writing, no wins), but it continues to cast a long shadow over the television landscape.


Witness Monday night’s Emmys, when co-host Michael Che’s “Reparations Emmys” skit included a shout-out to the groundbreaking series. The pre-taped segment featured Che handing out Emmy trophies (apparently pilfered from Bill Cosby) to black actors whose TV careers escaped the awards show’s notice.

Among the celebrities sporting Siriano’s looks was Regina King, who won oustanding lead actress in a limited series or movie for Netflix’s “Seven Seconds.”

About midway through the bit, Che is sitting at an outdoor table with “Superior Donuts” star Jermaine Fowler, riffing on the inconceivable injustice that no actor on “The Wire” ever received an Emmy, while Bryan Cranston “won, like, six for ‘Breaking Bad.’”

Says Fowler, “Bryan Cranston got six Emmys? Idris Elba should have, like, 10 Emmys.

“You know he only won ’cause he’s white,” Fowler continues. “If he was black, he’d probably be bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s somewhere.”

Glenn Weiss, a 1983 graduate of the University of Maryland, proposes to his girlfriend, Jan Svendsen, during the Emmy Awards on Monday night.

“Absolutely,” agrees Che, as the two men laugh and the camera pans right to reveal a crestfallen Cranston, looking appropriately pained.

(For the record, Cranston won thrice for “Breaking Bad.” And we’ll refrain from commenting any further on the clear injustice.)