Brandon Micheal Hall, Yvette Nicole Brown.
Brandon Micheal Hall, Yvette Nicole Brown. (Tony Rivetti / ABC)

It’s Halloween time in Fort Grey. Let’s get into the recap of this week’s episode of “The Mayor,” titled “City Hall-oween.”

The problem: Mayor Rose is celebrating Halloween by handing out candy on the street when he runs into Elijah, the kid who helped him clean up the community garden in Episode 1. Elijah tells Rose that he’s not allowed to trick or treat because his Mom says “it’s not safe running around the streets at night.”


Rose realizes that Fort Gray’s crime problem is preventing children from enjoying Halloween the way he was able to as a child.

The Solution: At a press conference, Rose announces his plan: For the first time in the history of Fort Gray, the mayor’s office will be hosting a Halloween spectacular. “I’m shutting the whole building down and giving it to the kids,” Rose says.

Off to the side, a police woman attending the conference jokes, “And that’s different from every other day how?”

Well, every other day at City Hall doesn’t include jack-o-lanterns, skeletons and spider webs. Rose and his team deck out City Hall with festive Halloween decorations and lots and lots of candy. Soon, the place is packed with eager young kids, including Elijah.

The SECOND problem: At the end of the party, Rose finds out that, despite his efforts, there was even more crime this Halloween than last. His party plan had failed. Again.

“I wanted to make things better,” Rose says. “I made things worse.”

The SECOND solution: At first, Rose thinks that he can solve the crime problem by hiring more police officers, but then, a group of parents arrive at City Hall to thank Rose for throwing a Halloween Party.

“This is the first time any mayor did something special for our kids,” one father says. “Instead of throwing cops at the problem you’d think they would want to talk to the people who actually live there, like us parents.”

Rose realizes that hiring more police officers isn’t the solution after all. Instead, he holds another press conference in which he announces, “I thought I could fix [Fort Grey’s crime problem] with an awesome party, but then I realized that things can’t be fixed quick. … the right solution is listening to the people. … I’d like to announce that I’m forming a mayor’s advisory council to ensure that we hear those voices. It will consist of parents, police officers and community members.”

It’s one of the few times that Mayor Rose seems to actually know what he’s doing. In fact, his closing line could be described as … inspiring?

“We can do better because we have to.”