'Real Housewives of Potomac' recap: Moving day

Welcome to the most underwhelming season finale!

We left off at Charrisse's champagne room reveal party where the ladies, mainly Ashley, are inquiring about Karen's suspicious move to Great Falls. She is defensive and says it's nobody's business. She announces that she and Ray are having a 20th anniversary party but she isn't sure if all the ladies, aka Ashley, will be invited. Spoiler alert, she ends up inviting Ashley. Karen says she is finalizing the theme of the party but she is thinking exotic. Interesting…


Later, Karen and Ray are unpacking in their new home and it is HUGE! It's 14,000 square feet and has nine bedrooms! Much larger and more beautiful than her Potomac home. The kitchen is an improvement from her previous un-renovated one but there are some upgrades to be made. Karen and Ray discuss their anniversary party and Karen says she wants it to be Indian themed. Ray reminds her that they are African and not Indian. So they compromise and decide the theme will be exotic/African/Indian.

Monique begins to move into her Potomac home and says "it's huge for Potomac to have us as neighbors." Humble much? She wants to know what the neighbors are like, if they are normal like they are. Monique, your family is not normal. Monique has Karen, Charrisse and Ashley over to show her the house. Monique is wearing what I thought was a bathing suit with cut outs but it's just a shirt. They all sage the house, very housewives. Ashley says Monique should be the duchess of Potomac, which stings Karen.


On this week's "Real Housewives of Potomac," the ladies' trip to Bermuda comes to an end and Charrisse finally reveals her champagne room.

Robyn finally confronts Juan about the status of their relationship. She tells him about seeing the therapist. She says that the therapist told her to go on dates but that she realized she wanted to spend more time with Juan. She asks Juan if he would care if she went on a date. He says yes. They decide to work on their relationship. Go team!

In other relationship news, Gizelle and Kevin go out to lunch and she tells him that they are better off as friends instead of dating.

Charrisse, Ashley and Robyn go shopping for outfits to wear to Karen's party. They discuss how they think Karen is hiding behind something with her move.

It's finally Karen's wedding anniversary party. Karen gives Ray her sexy photo album; again spoiler alert, the photos weren't very sexy. All the ladies but Monique wear saris to the party. What did Monique wear you ask? Well, she wore a Native American outfit, headdress and all. It was such cultural appropriation. In her testimonial, Gizelle said that she looked like a member of the Village People. Overall, there were a mix of outfits that night. Some guests dressed up in Bollywood outfits and others dressed like they were going to a bar mitzvah.

Charrisse asks Karen's friend Vivian if this is the first time she is seeing the house. She also asks why the move was so quick and sudden. The friend didn't really give answers.

Karen and Ray make their grand entrance. There are Bollywood dancers, which are really cool. Michael, Ashley's husband, is confused as to why there isn't furniture in the house and wonders if it's a front for something. Ashley apologizes to Robyn for pushing her to date all the time. In the teaser for the episode, we saw Karen sobbing. While we think it's something dramatic, it turns out to be a heartwarming moment when her mother, who has early dementia, calls. Side note: Rayvin, Karen's daughter, is so sweet.

Some interesting notes that were in the "where are they now?" portion of the finale:

-Ashley and Michael's relationship is still rocky and the restaurant hasn't broken even yet.

-Charrisse doesn't speak to Eddie but he hasn't sent her divorce papers yet.

-Gizelle is dating a retired basketball player she met at the gym.

Final thoughts:

Andy Cohen, if you're reading this, I think Ashley needs to go for next season and there needs to a housewife from the world of Potomac. However, this season was a lot better than the last one and I think it's all starting to come together.

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