'Real Housewives of Potomac' recap: Birthdays and babies

After waiting a week since the last episode of "The Real Housewives of Potomac," we finally get to find out what are on the comment cards after Ashley's critics' choice dinner.

Ashley only read the positive cards. One person said they liked the caprese salad and another said they would return. Michael apologizes to Ashley about arguing before the dinner.


Later in the episode, they take a pottery lesson together. At the pottery class Ashley asks Michael if he's still in love with her; he's not super convincing with his answer. She tells Michael that she's not ready to have a baby because of the issues they are having as a couple. In her testimonial, she says that if she brought a baby into this world with all the issues they're having, she wouldn't be able to "return the baby to the stork." Yes Ashley, that's EXACTLY how it works.

Karen organizes a lunch between Gizelle and Monique so they can get along. Karen feels the responsibility to "save the group from its dysfunction." Monique brings Charrisse to the lunch to serve as a buffer — but Charrisse turns this lunch around and makes it about her. She says that they are both her friends and she's going through a lot right now so she needs everyone to get along. Nothing is really resolved between Gizelle and Monique.

Monique is having a first birthday party for her daughter, Milani, at their lake house in Newburg. Her budget for the party is $20,000 — for a first birthday. When she and Chris are talking about the party, Chris lies down on the ground and almost crushes Milani!

Monique decides not to invite Gizelle for obvious reasons. On the day of her daughter's birthday, everyone is late because of traffic and Monique flips out. There is a petting zoo, miniature horses, a dunk tank and so much more. She makes the claim that Milani only turns 1 once. But she's not going to remember this; the party is just for Monique to show off. In 15 years, I'd like to write a follow-up piece.

Karen FINALLY sells her house! She and Ray has to find a place to move into quickly. Karen is open to the idea of leaving Potomac because she's the "grand dame everywhere" she goes. I might do a deep dive to find out where they move to.

Charrisse hopes Karen got what she wanted for the house because she had to keep lowering the price. Gee, I wonder why she had to keep lowering the price? Maybe it's because her kitchen WASN'T RENOVATED.

Karen and Charrisse want to plan a trip together for the girls — a classic storyline for each season of a "Housewives" franchise. They decide to go to Bermuda, which makes me SO happy. It's a big step up from last year, when the Potomac ladies went to Bethany Beach, Del. Now listen, my family had a condo in Ocean City so I spent every summer there growing up and would frequent Bethany as well. I LOVE that area. However, when I watch the "Housewives" franchises I like to live vicariously through these women. I want to be transported to places I could never go to — like when the Beverly Hills ladies went to Hong Kong. So I wasn't crazy last year when the Potomac women went to Bethany.

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When Gizelle finds out that they are going to Bermuda, she says she'll toss someone into the Bermuda Triangle. Can you guess who? Later in the episode, Charrisse and Karen fight over who is going to be the host in Bermuda. They decide that they'll split events to host. They are like divorced parents and their child is the trip to Bermuda.

Robyn goes to therapy to discuss her relationship with her ex-husband/former Maryland basketball player and coach Juan. The therapist asks her if she wants love with someone else. Robyn has a difficult time answering the question. She finally admits that she wants to experience love with another person. Her homework for the week from her therapist is to define the word trust and to go on dates with other people.

Next week we join the ladies in Bermuda, so grab your sunglasses because a lot of shade will be thrown.