'Real Housewives of Potomac' recap: Off to Bermuda

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Grab your sunscreen and bathing suit because we are headed to Bermuda!

Gizelle’s mother comes over to babysit her kids while she goes to Bermuda. Her mom asks about Kevin, and in her testimonial she says that she’s planning on breaking up with Kevin. That’s awkward!

Karen says she bought a house in Great Falls, Va. So I guess her “grand dame” title is stripped away. Again, I’d like to call out to Andy Cohen to change the show’s name to the “Real Housewives of the DMV.”

For the majority of the episode, Charrisse and Karen argue over who is the hosting the trip. The shuttle that took them to their hotel said “Huger and guests.” Karen left welcome notes in the ladies’ rooms and didn’t have Charrisse’s name on them. Clearly they didn’t organize it well. If I were one of the other women, I would like them to argue over who is the host so that I could benefit from it like competing businesses.

At dinner, it is brought up how Monique did not invite Gizelle to her daughter’s first birthday party. Gizelle said she wouldn’t go anyway. Robyn talks about how she is going to therapy and Karen shares that they sold their house. The ladies ask her where she is moving to and she deflects the question by saying that “she’s excited for the next chapter.”

They go to Charrisse’s suite for drinks. Karen reveals in her testimonial that she has arranged for Gizelle and Monique to go on the America’s Cup sailboat; however, they don’t know that the other woman is going. This is Karen’s attempt to have Monique and Gizelle get along. Monique says that Gizelle is jealous of her. Gizelle says that “without her husband and his bank account she wouldn’t be here.” I’m assuming that she’s saying that she wouldn’t be on the show if it weren’t for her husband. It’s interesting she said this because the housewives aren’t supposed to acknowledge they are on a TV show.

They go on the boats, which are very intense-looking. They have to lie on a mesh net while the boat is moving. Monique is nervous and Gizelle comforts her. In her testimony, Monique is shocked that Gizelle is comforting her. She says, “If she falls off the boat, I might call for someone to rescue her.” But then … they hugged! Miracles happen! It’s all about baby steps, folks.

While Monique and Gizelle are on the boat, the other ladies spend a day at the beach. Ashley talks about how she and Michael have tossed around the word “divorce.”

Charrisse says she always travels with her makeup artist, Gregory. Charrisse, your glam squad is sad compared to Erika Jayne’s from Beverly Hills. Robyn says in her testimonial that Karen has been horrible to Charrisse. The ladies are all confused where Karen sent Gizelle and Monique. So Robyn takes it upon herself to find out and walks to Karen’s room to get answers. Robyn says it’s very hypocritical that Karen wants the women to be a sisterhood but she is isolating the two women from the rest of the group. When Robyn leaves, Karen is still mic’d up and says that Charrisse is evil and wonders how anyone could marry Eddie Jordan. She also mentions the fireman that Charrisse is sleeping with.

Next week, we see that a storm’s a brewin’, and not outside in the tropical weather.


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