"House of Cards" is back for a fifth season, and with the election just weeks away, Claire and Frank are ramping up the fear factor. By preying on the country's uneasiness and presenting themselves as America's parents who have their children's best interests in mind, they aim to remain in power, one way or another.

The Washington Herald's story on Frank's crimes seems to be losing traction, and Claire faces the story's accusations head-on, even appearing on television with Tom Hammerschmidt to debate him on the story's merits.


Claire and Frank continue to experiment with an open marriage, as human charisma vacuum and cure for insomnia Tom Yates is sharing a bed with Claire in the White House.

Frank's play for a declaration of war against ICO backfires and opens the Underwoods up to the scrutiny of a congressional investigation.

5 ways art imitates Trump in 'House of Cards' Season 5

Season 5 of "House of Cards" is steeped in the zeitgeist of Donald Trump's America.

Best line

"I will not cease. I will never cease. ... I will not yield." — Frank Underwood, speaking before a House session, demanding a declaration of war against ICO.

Most evil moment

We can take our pick of any of the Underwoods' actions, but I'll go with Claire choosing which crime to exploit by turning it into a photo opportunity, deepening the nation's paranoia.

Biggest shocker

After perpetuating a nationwide manhunt for one of the terrorists that killed Jim Miller, we learn that Frank had the man in custody the entire time.

'House of Cards' Season 5 speaks to Trump's America for better and worse

Donald Trump might just be the end of Frank Underwood. That's the thought I couldn't shake as I watched the 13 episodes of season 5 of "House of Cards" that arrive Tuesday on Netflix.