'Revenge' recap: Episode 19, 'Absolution'

This week's episode of "Revenge" was a much needed reminder of why I love this show.

Just the right amount of mystery, plotting, surprise turns and catty back stabbing to make me excited for the twists and turns that seem to be in store for the next three weeks.

One of the biggest turns of this episode was Daniel backing up his father. Throughout the whole series what kept him respectable was that he actually seemed horrified by much of his parent's manipulating, even attempting to embark on his own career outside of Grayson Enterprises.

This episode he finds out how truly horrible his parents are (involvement in terrorism, framing and murdering an innocent man, etc.), and yet chooses now to stand behind his father to guarantee his place running Grayson Enterprises. It also helps the confused viewer (me), realize that Emily is 100 percent in this for revenge, and no longer has any feelings for Daniel.

Though we see the hard side of Emily when we realize she is only marrying Daniel to find the man who murdered her father (and plans to kill him), we see the softer side of her with Nolan and his aunt. Hard to believe Emily didn't further drag this woman into her mess, but it's nice to see that she respects Nolan's request to leave his family out of it.

This week didn't seem to have as many memorable quotes as weeks past, so instead we will be ranking the top three most believable and unbelievable moments of this week's episode.


1. Emily arrives at Nolan's in search of the final notebook wearing a long black coat and black boots. Yes, it's winter, but I suspect she would be wearing this even if it was summer. 2. As much as I rolled my eyes, it is somehow 100 percent believable that Emily has a fake Department of Homeland Security badge.3. "And here is the key to your new Lexus GS." It was only a matter of time before this show became a target of product placement.


1. Daniel, 23 year old, straight, attractive man engaged to an equally attractive woman, is spending his first night out of jail sleeping alone at his parents' house? OK then.2. Emily drove herself to pick up Daniel in jail, and just parked her car out front? This is what car services are for.3. The doctor who Emily calls happens mentions that he has a patient who has a similar body type and the same first name as the woman Emily is looking for. Just ... no.

This week we also found out that there are only three episodes left in the season -- and yet so many mysteries to solve. Who is the white-haired man? Will Charlotte ever go to class? Will Victoria continue to make me think of Snow White with her dark hair and fake snow background? So many questions to answer.

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