'Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap, 'I Do, But I Won't'

"You can dance. You can model your shoes. You can show me your cervix, but don't put your paws on Apollo," Phaedra Parks said after Kenya Moore asked her which two friends she would bring along for a birthday gift for Apollo.

Kenya instantly can tell she crossed the line, as the rest of the crew starts questioning what Kenya meant by her statement and apologized to Phaedra.

It looks like we aren't the only ones questioning the relationship between Kenya and Walter after he spoke out on TK saying that Kenya asked him to come on the show and pretend to be her boyfriend. Kenya denied the allegations, but we there seems to be a lot of validity to them. Even the castmates are questioning the couple.

NeNe said something about Kenya and Walter's relationship doesn't smell right. Cynthia then chimes and mentions that Kenya was flirting it up earlier with the guy who owns the house they are staying in.

Changing the subject, Gregg tells the group to all start getting cleaned up for dinner because he is going to cook out on the grill. In between the sight of Gregg preparing some kabobs, Porsha Stewart tells Cynthia that when the group was dancing together, Kenya inappropriately dropped it like it was hot in front of Peter. Cynthia said she would let it go, but all of the ladies are starting to agree that something isn't right with Kenya and Walter's relationship.

Peter then calls the guys together to reveal his surprise plan to renew his vows with Cynthia and that he wants them all to be there. He is going to mask the ceremony with an all-white party. Gregg tells him that he has two Viagra for him after the ceremony if he needs them.

The guys head back to dinner and everyone is laughing about their sex lives, christening hot tubs and staying up all night. Suddenly Walter awkwardly decides to dismiss him and Kenya from the group. Kenya is excited thinking this is the big proposal she had been waiting for since she and Walter were talking that morning about getting married and eloping.

Walter takes Kenya away to tell her about Peter and Cynthia's wedding renewal secret, to Kenya's dismay. She was positive that this would be her proposal. Looks like there is still no ring for you, Kenya.

The next day the whole crew starts getting dolled up for the all-white affair. As Kenya and NeNe are getting dressed up, NeNe asks Kenya about her and Walter's relationship. Kenya tries to reassure her that everything is going well. NeNe asks her if she will move back to L.A. if everything doesn't work out with Walter, and Kenya says she is in Atlanta to stay.

Porsha pops into the room and it seems like everything between her and Kenya has been smoothed over. Porsha said she is keeping her distance from Kenya because she acts like their altercation never happened.

Cynthia arranged a day of pampering for the crew at a spa on the island. The girls get naked massages outside on day beds and chat about how the trip is going. As the group discusses how their relationships with their men are going, Kenya mentions that her and Walter will possibly elope.

That is when NeNe calls Kenya out: "Kenya I'm not saying you can't get a ring. I'm just saying ya'll don't look like a couple to me."

Kenya instant jumps into the defense and stated that she doesn't give a "fuck" what other people think. NeNe said she's not trying to be negative, but she is just leery about their relationship.

Dressed in virginal white, the ladies get into the bus to head to the all-white affair. They take a boat to the island and Cynthia is completely oblivious to everything. Even once everyone has a seat and she has flowers in hand, Cynthia still doesn't know what is going on until Peter tells her she is there to renew her vows.

Once the ceremony starts, Peter starts choking up at the altar with Cynthia and the pair have a beautiful ceremony full of love and tears.

And after the renewal, guess who catches the bouquet? None other than NeNe. It looks like her and Gregg might be getting back together after all. The couples then get together and let go of lit lanterns into the night sky.

Kandi Burruss gets a little concerned because her and Todd's lantern won't take flight. Kenya and Walter's lantern also doesn't seem to be getting off the ground.

After the ceremony, the girls get together for some girl talk in their pjs. All of the ladies agree that Peter and Cynthia's ceremony was beautiful and it was so sweet to see Peter get teary-eyed during the ceremony.

Since the women are all sharing, Porsha brings up that she is surprised how different Kenya is during the trip as opposed to their first altercation at her charity event. After recanting her side of the story, Porsha asked Kenya for her take on their situation and Kenya gets defensive.

One dig leads to another dig and the next thing we know Kenya and Porsha are screaming in each other's faces coming close to blows as the other women sip their wine and look on.

The other housewives finally jump in to diffuse the situation. After they finally break up the arguing, NeNe tells Kenya that she has to give everyone a chance to express their feelings without yelling and disrespecting each other.

"I am 40 and fabulous and you can kiss my black behind," Kenya said. "Kenya states she is "gone with the wind fabulous," then throws in a few snaps and, with a fling of her dress, twirls away from the scene.