Hannah and Dexter lean in close for the kill -- I mean, kiss, in the season seven finale. She's in jail, by the way.
Hannah and Dexter lean in close for the kill -- I mean, kiss, in the season seven finale. She's in jail, by the way. (Showtime)

This is what it all comes down to. Tonight our questions will be answered.

Or so we thought.


The surprises kept coming one after another, but after a moment you realize there are more questions here now then when you started with.

It starts off easily enough. Hannah admits to poisoning Deb and Dexter admits he misses Hannah. Hannah wants to still run away together, but Dexter explains that it's impossible despite how perfectly they fit together. Okay, I get that. Two serial killers dating always had some risks involved.

I don't know much about prisons, but there was an awful lot of contact and kissing. She's up for murder -- shouldn't she be under more security?

After a sketchy conversation between Hannah and Arlene, we find out that Arlene slips Hannah a pill during her arraignment. Again, where is the security?

Back in Dexter's home, Harrison says he misses Hannah, but I wasn't aware he even spoke. Congrats little man, now if only you understood how wrong what you said truly was.

LaGuerta interrupts Dexter's blissful home scene to arrest him for the murder of Estrada. Weird, since he actually didn't do it. Or at least we didn't see it, because apparently LaGuerta took pictures.

At the time, it seems that Dexter's cockiness gets away from him. He doesn't ask for a lawyer, content to just push LaGuerta's buttons. Somehow, he did it again though. He set LaGuerta up, knowing she would be watching, with old evidence from a previous case. Now it appears to the rest of the department as if she tried to set him up. But this also means she's now positive that he's the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Dexter flashes back to reveal how this all started -- how Doakes became suspicious of Dexter in the first place. The three flashbacks shows Doakes acknowledging Dexter's sneaky qualities, seeing the Dark Passenger slip out at a crime scene, and finally shows when Doakes first called Dexter out for his fake behavior. The final flashback is also the only (and last for the season) that we get to see the donuts! Yes, 12 episodes later and I still haven't broken down to buy my own. They lose some of their awesomeness if Dexter Morgan doesn't hand-deliver them.

Deb, having figured out Dexter's ploy, visits Dexter to confront him about the lack of class of his actions. Not smooth to destroy LaGuerta's career. Despite having it out for Dexter, LaGuerta is still a good cop (though we haven't seen her do her job in a while. This also changes).

Dexter goes back to chasing Estrada, one of the many loose ends. He visits Estrada's wife, figuring that since she still was married to him, she might still be helping him. Even Catholics can get annulments if your husband is a crazy murderer and yet they didn't. She leads him to a park where Estrada is waiting. Dexter nabs him in broad daylight, right outside the park. His cockiness knows no end.

After Mathews gives her solid advice, to get back to work, she finds a DVD of surveillance of the gas station near the church where Travis Marshall (the DDK killer) died in her mail. Deb is filling up a gas can in the video, though her statement of the night said she hadn't been to the church.

The pill that Arlene slipped Hannah takes effect during transport, and she seizes before passing out. She's rushed to the hospital. One second, the doctors are being called in, the next, she is gone. She has an odd last scene where she is leaving a dark orchid (or some type of flower, I'm not great with identifying them) on Dexter's doorstep. Symbolism? There's a lot, as it appears blood red, the opposite of the previous one she gave him. Threat or vow of love?

For a moment, it looks like Deb will turn on her brother, when LaGuerta asks her about the night of Travis Marshall's death, but she pulls through.

Deb meets up with Dexter to find that he has Estrada knocked out in the trunk. Awkward family conversation, but probably better than when she professed her love.


Dexter breaks into LaGuerta's house, finding warrants for his cell phone information, along with Deb's, for the night of Travis Marshall's murder. This would be sufficient evidence to prove they were accomplices in his murder. While Dexter has the urge to flee, he denies it, stating that the fake life he built as a cover has become real. It's cute that he’s finally ready to not run out on his family. Grown up time! Except that his version of that involves crossing his sacred line -- killing an innocent.

Estrada, strapped to Dexter's table, calls LaGuerta, luring her into Dexter's trap. While Dexter waits for her, he questions Estrada's decisions to kill Dexter's mother. But Estrada calls killing to survive "normal reasons." Dexter's killing of LaGuerta will be anything but that.

And so ends the life of Estrada.

At Batista's party, the tables are reversed as Jamie hits on Quinn. (Literally, that's all we get. I am so confused by Quinn and Jamie's plot line and even existence on the show. The biggest surprises of all might be that Quinn didn't get caught for stealing police evidence on a major case, that no one noticed Isaak was gone, and that Quinn's girlfriend actually broke up with him via stripper and went to Vegas.

But the mind-shattering ending comes as Deb, worried about Dexter's non-appearance, tracks LaGuerta's car to the ship yard. It's unclear who she'd choose to save between Dexter and LaGuerta, but she races off to find out.

Dexter lays out his plan to make it look like Estrada and LaGuerta shot each other. But Deb walks in halfway. LaGuerta wakes up, but Deb still can't decide. So Dexter gives up, quoting Hannah "Do what you gotta do."

And just as the line worked on Dexter, it worked on Deb, who promptly shoots LaGuerta. Are you surprised yet?

Deb and Dexter return to the party. It's unclear what happened to the bodies, where their relationship stands, and where the heck they'll go from here. Kinky love relationship? Joint serial killer spree? Who knows what the future holds, but for the moment, they still have one. So happy New Year everyone.