'Dancing With the Stars' recap: The 'final' dance duel

A blood-sucking scene from last week's "Dancing With the Stars."

Last night: Maria and Derek got the first perfect score of the season. Tonight: the "final" dance duel. Isn't it a bit weird to call it final when it only ended up happening twice total?

Len says Classical Night was amazing and announces the encore choice will be Maria and Derek's Paso Doble -- duh. Oooh, because it's an encore and they aren't being judged they totally sneak in what appears to be a lift at one point. And unlike last night, when Maria killed Derek, tonight Derek the Vampire Slayer stakes Maria. Nice!

Recap from last night: Hee -- in their post-dance interview, Mark totally gives a Keanu Reeves in "Bill & Ted" thumbs up and "excellent" to the camera.

Results: William & Cheryl: Safe. Donald & Peta: Safe. Katherine & Mark: Safe.

Steelo Vasquez was a successful street dancer, working in films and videos, until a year ago when he had a brain aneurysm that kept him in the ICU for 9 weeks. He was unable to move or eat; they show footage of him and it's brutal, as he's in a helmet and using a walker. He does hours of physical therapy every day, with the eventual goal of not just being healthy but being able to dance again.

They show him on a playground with his wife, Penni, and their young son and he looks remarkably improved. And now he's performing in public for the first time in public since the hospitalization, with his group the Groovaloos. The crew dances for about half the song until Steelo appears at the back of the stage and walks out across the stage. He does a few basic moves (not that I could even do what he's doing without ever having had the major health setback he's had) and it's really remarkable. They show his wife in the audience, first with a big smile on her face and then overwhelmed with tears due to the enthusiastic reaction of the crowd, who are chanting "Steelo." Brooke's even wiping away a few tears.

Chatting with contestants in the sky box with Brooke, Jaleel manages to either win over or alienate the "divorced mother of three" voting bloc, by saying that he soothed his stress last night by eating cheesecake.

Gavin DeGraw is back to perform and Tom introduces him by saying that over five weeks as a dancer, Gavin proved he's a great singer.

So, there's been some sort of underground dance-off fight club where the pro dancers we know have been sponsoring teams in cage matches? Whatever, Tony's, Louis', and Cheryl's teams will compete for the judges tonight -- losing couples lose their heads. Or not. I've been watching too much "Game of Thrones," maybe.

It's a "Jive Relay" -- Cheryl's team is up first. They could use some work on their synchronization. Tony's team is better synchronized, but doesn't have quite the same flair for tricks that Cheryl's did. Louis' team is up last and they look the closest to the pros to me, in terms of polish. If they don't win this, the fix is in. Tom has to jump in and remind the judges this is a live show and try to hurry them along. In the process, he swears -- so un-Tom-like. And they put Louis' team in 3rd place -- I think I need to have my audio dropped out. Cheryl's team wins.

More footage from last night: Weirdly, Roshon is interviewed as he's getting into his car to leave for the night. Melissa is clearly really ticked off in her post-dance interview.

Results: Maria & Derek: Safe. Roshon & Chelsie: In the bottom two. Melissa & Maks: Safe. (The Little House voting bloc is apparently a strong one). Jaleel & Kym: Bottom two.

Jaleel says Len is the "old guy outside the grocery store who won't give a kid any money for candy." Wait, since when are old guys obligated to fund the childhood obesity epidemic? Tom gives Roshon the opportunity to butter up Len after Jaleel insulted him.

Training footage for the dance duel: Nobody wants to be in the bottom two, everybody is going to work hard because they're not ready to leave the show yet.

And now it's time for the Dance Duel -- a rumba. So it's slow and sexy and could SAVE YOUR LIFE (or at least your chance to continue to compete for a mirror-ball trophy). Carrie Ann says that Jaleel & Kym are finally showing improved chemistry. Len says both couples "gave their all." Bruno says that Roshon was stronger and more confident and that Jaleel corrected his arm issues.

Carrie Ann: Roshon & Chelsie

Len: Roshon & Chelsie

Bruno: Roshon & Chelsie

So Jaleel & Kym are heading home and there goes one of my picks for finalist. Good thing I didn't take the savings fund to Vegas.