'America's Got Talent' auditions Lulu, a plump pole dancer from Hanover, Md.

Lulu, a pleasantly plump pole dancer from Hanover, Md., made quite the splash last night on "America's Got Talent," shimmying and writhing up her pole and eventually landing in a jaw-dropping split.

The 27-year-old contestant, who works as an accounting and title clerk, had "a big goal, and that's to dance," she told the cameras. She's been dancing for as long as she could remember, though having two kids sidelined her for a time.

Lulu strutted out onto the stage in a teeny aqua-colored bikini, introduced herself, and began her routine.

After strutting and swinging around the pole a couple times, she grabbed it and slowly but steadily shimmied up (the pole wobbled but never fell over). She hung head-over-heels for a heartbeat, before landing into a hand-stand and shooting the cameras a come-hither stare.

Host Nick Cannon was clearly in Lulu's corner.

"Big girls can do it too," he said.

One last time, Lulu climbed the pole, and seamlessly ended with a drop-split. The judges and the crowd went nuts -- but it wasn't enough for Lulu to advance to the next round in Las Vegas.

Though Howie Mandel liked Lulu, fellow judges Howard Stern and Sharon Osbourne didn't see much potential in her routine.

"You are very confident with your moves and that takes guts," Osbourne said. "But it has to be a 'no.'"

Lulu's rejection drew boos from the audience, who clearly wanted to see more of her.

As a consolation prize, Cannon ripped off his shirt, revealing a similar bikini top (only his was made of duct tape). Cannon climbed to the top of the pole, and Lulu joined him at the base.

For their effort, Stern hopped on stage and gave them both some cash.

Here's the video:

An earlier version of this article misstated Lulu's hometown. It is Hanover. The Sun regrets the error.