Q&A: 'Real Housewives of Miami' star Joanna Krupa

Krupa gets "Real."

She may not be a household name yet, but Joanna Krupa's candor and charm is enough to lure almost anyone.

Krupa, 34, who's originally from Warsaw, Poland, modeled in America for years before becoming a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars." Krupa's June nuptials to longtime beau and nightclub owner Romain Zago will be featured in Season 3 of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Miami," which premieres at 9 p.m. Monday. If our chat with Krupa is any indication, you're not going to want to miss a single word she says this season.


I'm excited about Season 3. Are you?

I'm excited to see how the wedding came out because it was a moment I never wanted to end. I can't wait to relive it.


Is there a premiere event or do you all watch it at home?

We have a premiere party in Miami. But yeah, the premiere episode is always the nerve-racking one.

On a scale from 1-10, rate your inner bridezilla.

Shockingly, a 1.

You were just letting it go and enjoying the process of it?

I was, it's very overwhelming and stressful but I didn't let that effect me the way where I would become a crazy bridezilla. You know?

Of course. Because, hopefully, you only get one wedding.



Did you view your wedding as a challenge to outdo Adrianna?

For me, it was never a competition between her and I. I'm concentrating on my fairy tale and not worried about her. She was already married for five years but for me this is like a real first wedding.

What did you think about Marysol stepping down to a part-time housewife and about Karent's decision to leave the show all together?

Karent is one of my dearest friends and I love her. When I found out, I was really sad. I didn't think Marysol was such an important character last season. There were just too many women, you know?

In the "super trailer," you're fighting with Lisa. What happened?

She was getting too much into my business. I was like worry about yourself, you're not in the position I am. Get a job. Get pregnant. Whatever it is, just stay out of my life.


Without Karent or Lisa, who can we expect to see you form an alliance with in Season 3?

Lea and I became closer this season.

You and Lea seem to be the most real girls of the season.

Definitely. Why do a reality show if you're going to be fake?

Is there anything as epic as your smackdown with Adrianna this season?

There will be epic moments, but no physical violence. I think Adrianna learned from last season.


You have not filmed the Season 3 reunion yet, correct?

Not yet. That will be interesting.

Do you think she saw her somewhat boring performance last season and thought, "Hey, I better step it up"?

I do and it was annoying because she was trying too hard.

Who do you think will put out a hit "Housewife" song?

Oh God. Didn't everyone already try that already? I think that was a bummer.


You don't think Romain will be playing their songs in [his nightclub] Mynt anytime soon?

Not if he wants to keep his business.

Describe your new season in three words.

Make-ups, break-ups and sex.

I'm going to say names from your season, tell me the first couple words that pop into your mind: Lea.

Classy businesswoman.



Smart cookie without a filter.




Alexia? Hmmm... F---. OH GOSH, I'M SORRY!!!


I definitely can't use that!



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Mama Elsa.




Con artist.

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