'X-Factor' recap: David Correy impresses Justin Bieber with 'Domino'

David Correy performs in front of L.A. Reid and Justin Bieber on "The X-Factor."
David Correy performs in front of L.A. Reid and Justin Bieber on "The X-Factor." (Fox)

Last week on the "X Factor" we had Demi and Simon's teams fight for the final spots. This week it's Britney and L.A.'s turn!

L.A. is still pretty upset with getting the over 25's and has absolutely no problem showing that to his category.

Jason Brock came through trying to sing "Big Girls Don't Cry." He was right on pitch but L.A. and Justin Bieber feared that he may not be worth the $5M pay out.

Annapolis' David Correy sang "Domino." The song was almost unrecognizable. He changed the upbeat pop song to a crazy emotional power ballad. He impressed everyone and they praised the notes that he was able to hit as well as his passion.

Daryl Black seemed to really impress Justin. I thought that he was a little forgetable. LA said that his voice wasn't unique enough. I think that Daryl is going to have a hard time making it through to the 
final four.

If anyone stuck out in this group it was Tate Stevens. He's the only guy representing the country music genre in this category. I think that he's great but sounds like most of the men on country radio. 
(They all kind of sound the same.) I do agree with the judges that you want to root for him. He's a 
charasmatic guy with a big heart.

Speaking of big hearts, Vino Alan Sang "Sober." His story about is son is really sweet. He wants this, want it bad. He gave a hauntingly dark but beautiful performance.

A memorable contestant, not always for the right reasons, was Tara Simon. She gave an inconsistent performance of "The Reason." She started off too low and meek and then just started belting out of no 
where. I swear I would never guess that she was a vocal coach. The instrument is there she's just not using it right.

Back to Spears' Malibu mansion where she's doing her own little Micky Mouse Club with the teens. She has the help of Will.i.am to help her through the judging adventure!

I think Britney is great with the teens. She's sweet enough but also honest. She's also the only just who's a mother.

Miniature powerhouse Diamond White was ready to set the bar with her version of "I'm With You." It was  one of her better performances. Will.i.am said that she cared more about her moves. Britney said she needed more confidence. Out of the two I think the latter critique made more sense.

Mini-Beiber Reed Deming sang a very strong rendition of "Hey There Deliah." He's been playing the "Cute Kid" card for the last few weeks and I think that he nailed his vocals this week. I think he's safe, but as both Britney and Will.i.am Said, he needs to let go of his nerves.

James Tanner is someone who is little less safe going into next week. The judges seemed to be looking for nice things to say during his critique. He rapped pretty good in his cardigan but I'm not sure if it's worth a $1M.

Arin Ray was finally solo and was determined to make the most of it. He gave a more powerful version of "Starships." The judges said that he has "potential," which could be a double-edged sword.

Little diva Beatrice Miller is so incredibly natural and mature on stage, it's easy to forget how young she is. She sang "Titanium," which was my favorite performance of the night. The judges had a few little comments but seemed really pleased with her.

Carly Rose Sonenclar closed out the episode with her performance of "Brokenhearted." She, like Beatrice Miller, is incredibly mature for her age and could easily be the standout performer of the teens.

That's it. After all of the ups and downs, we will finally find out who makes up the Lucky 16. I have to say that I'm super excited to get to the live shows, so next week can't come any sooner.

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