'X Factor' recap, Britney Spears' coronation, and two Maryland contestants

Maryland contestant Changyi Li chose "My Heart Will Go On" for her "X Factor" audition.
Maryland contestant Changyi Li chose "My Heart Will Go On" for her "X Factor" audition. (FOX)

Three weeks in and we're almost done with the auditions. We've seen it all -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's always been entertaining though.

On this episode, we heard from two Maryland contestants. One made a lasting impression and the other ... not so much. More on that later. 

We started off with Britney playing pranks on the assistant. She asked for a straw hat (for no reason) and a crown (for no reason.) She's so crazy!

The auditions kicked of back in Providence, Rhode Island. Adonis and John, 32 & 33, were in the back getting pumped up yelling backstage, "This is Sparta."

If I were casting the musical version of "300," they would totally get parts. They sang "Hello" by Lionel Richie and the judges said goodbye. It was that bad.

We were then treated to a montage of terrible singers, including Zuhri Lahmaar. When they told him that his horrible performance wasn't going to cut it, he just about had a nervous breakdown. He was sad and I moved on.

Finally, after too many bad singers we had a good one. Well, not just good, she was amazing.

Dinah Jane Hansen, 15, lived at home with about 20 family members. (I say "about" because even she seemed unsure as to how many people were living in that home.)

She sang Beyonce's "If I were a Boy," and boy was she great. I got chills when she started to belt it, and of course she received four yeses.

Former contestant Aaron Day, 18, decided to come and audition again as a solo artist. He sang an original song and really took over the stage. He looked like a star and had the charisma of a star.

Baltimore native Changyi Li, 52, truly made Maryland proud. (Hopefully you can sense the sarcasm.) She moved to America 12 years ago but her accent was still very thick. She was dressed very quirky and had dreams of being a star. All signs pointed to this not ending well.

Finally she took the stage. She decided to sing "My Heart Will Go On." Ever heard of it?

While she was very confident and sweet, her voice was shaky and the words were hard to understand. She did take being told "no" well. Bonus points for being different and having a good attitude.

Austin Corini, 16, was Justin Bieber 2.0. Before he even started singing he had girls swooning and asking him for his autograph. When the platinum blond teenager started to sing the audience went crazy.

The judges liked him but passed him through, in part due to all the screaming girls. There's always room for a teenage heart throb on the charts I guess.

Then came a moment that I rewound multiple times. Nick Youngerman, 20, rapped his way into Britney's heart.

We all have those guilty pleasures that when they start to play at a wedding reception or Bat Mitzvah, you go crazy. For Britney it is "Ice Ice Baby." Britney yelled that she loves this song and stood up to dance, the only judge to do so. I almost forgot what a dance icon she is when she started doing her awkward white girl dance.

Two love birds who performed as Jaime told everyone just how in love they were. With stars in their eyes and doves flying around, they said that they wake up every morning and just stare at each other for 15 minutes everyday.

They probably should have used that hour and 45 minutes a week to work on their routine, because the judges weren't in love with them.

Another Maryland native was David Correy, 26. In one of the more emotional auditions, David said that he was going on so that he could find his birth mother. The judges quickly fell in love with him. His rendition of "Just the Way You Are" was great and easily earned four yeses.

When Sophie Tweed-Simmons arrived in her fancy SUV, I knew something was up with her. Then Gene Simmons exited the car and I realized that she was the daughter of the KISS singer.

Sophie sang "Make You Feel My Love." This performace was kind of like diet Adele, in that it got the job done but not quite like the real thing. This only gave her three votes, L.A. being the only one to say no.

Sophie's privileged upbringing had Tara Simon rolling her eyes. The vocal coach had "steel in [her] eyes" as Simon said. While I didn't like her behavior I did understand it. Sophie stated that this was her first audition and her father was a rock legend. It came off a little like her not paying her dues.

The way they were portraying Tara, I really thought that she would bomb. The judges ended up loving her. It was ironic though that she said that she would take out Christina Aguilera because they both over sing.

The vocal gymnastics gave me a headache and the attitude wasn't helping. Demi loved her "Mariah-esque" notes and she moved on to boot camp.

The episode ended with a cliffhanger. When they started to profile little 13-year-old Trevor Moran, I noticed that there were only five minutes left. How much can he do in five minutes? Shortly after it showed it being perky in line, were shots of him passed out in his mothers lap and then TO BE CONTINUED ...

You win Fox, I'll tune in tomorrow.

What did you guys think of the episode? Who had the best/worst audition? And are you happy we saw some Maryland love tonight?

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