The contestants arrive in Florida for "X Factor" boot camp. Many will try. Few will make it.
The contestants arrive in Florida for "X Factor" boot camp. Many will try. Few will make it. (FOX)

Sometimes I forget the "X Factor" is a reality show.

The first minute was just erratic scenes of contestants crying and arguing in beautiful scenery like the beach. If I didn't know any better I would think that I had accidentally recorded my grandma's daytime soap opera.


That said, I think they should rename the show "As The Factor Turns"; because in this episode we got more than our share of drama. We also got another killer performance by Maryland's David Correy.

All the contestants made their way to Miami ready to live out their dream. They put them up in a super posh hotel so that they can get a taste of stardom. And if they don't win then they have memories of that time that they stayed at that super cool hotel on the water. Win win!

Things get a littler darker when Simon says that this will be the one of the hardest weeks of their lives. (Apparently they haven't driven cross-country with their mother and a broken ipod. Yet.)

Diamond White was up first to sing a song of their choice in front of all the other contestants. She took on Whitney, and when you take on Whitney you usually fall flat on your face. She didn't fall, she flew! She may be 13, but she has the voice of a diva.

Mayland native David Correy knocked it out of the park with "Mercy." He came running on stage with energy and passion. He's really being shown as one to watch.

Jessica Espinoza received one of the best compliments when Demi said she was one of the only ones where she remembered her first and last names. I thought she killed it, Demi disagreed saying she's not as good as she remembered.

Janelle Garcia might already have some haters. Her stellar performance had every girl there eying her down with wicked darts of jealousy. Simon said that she was "Spicy" and Demi said that she has "sex appeal."

Nerves brought too many contestants down. We saw contestants who were great the first time around crumble now. In a heartbreaking turn of events, Jake Garza couldn't even finish his audition and looked crushed. This made Britney really sad. Me too, Brit.

Tara Simon is back! Her downfall was over-singing the first time. I guess she doesn't learn because she over sang this time too. Tara got on her knees in her chetah print dress to sing Queen. Tara has a good voice but needs to worry about wanting it too much. Desperation isn't cute.

Country charmer Willie Jones really impressed the judges (well, not Britney). While he has a great voice, part of his appeal is his charisma. Not that that's a bad thing, it is called the "X Factor" after all.

Paige Thomas had an inadvertent diva-off with her rendition of "I Will Always Love You." While people rarely do Whitney justice, she did a really good job. Her voice was shaky at times but still good. L.A. Fears that she may look to much like a performer today. I'm pretty sure he's talking about Rhianna here, considering she's got that edge.

Opponent Cece Frey was ready to rumble with the same animal print on her face she had from her first audition. I'm just hoping she's showered since then.

I've got to say, her attitude is really off-putting but her voice is gorgeous. After she was done, Simon said that one of these two ladies nailed it. Maybe they will give Cece an attitude adjustment in round 2. (And clean her face.)

Things are about to get real. It's cut time! In the end, Maryland singer David Correy made it through to round two, along with 70 plus contestants. It was pretty cut and dry as to who was going to make it through when they put them into their groups.


I'm excited for round two because it seems as though we've gotten rid of all the weak singers. It's now the best of the best duking it out for 5 million dollars.

Who was your favorite tonight? Who were you the most surprised/ saddened to see go home? And who do you think is the front-runner?