Week two of boot camp sees the contestants pairing off for competitions.
Week two of boot camp sees the contestants pairing off for competitions. (FOX)

Round two of boot camp! The mission, should they choose to accept it, was to have a sing-off with a contestant that has already been chosen for them. This is when the claws come out.

While some basked in the Miami heat, all too many were eaten alive in the 'X Factor' jungle.


Jennel Garcia was up to face Tara Simon. They chose to sing "Landslide." Tara strongly believed that it was a good song choice for the both of them saying, "I'm not the girl that has to try hard every time and kill them." Oh I forgot that it's opposite day.

Jennel said she might want a song that more in her style. Tara steamrolled her saying that they're set on it. I'm going to call this one good vs. evil.

Tara once again over sang it and Jennel was too meek. Simon called them right out saying that it was a bad song choice and guessed that Tara was the one who chose the song. He said that "she clipped her wings." I hope not because I'm rooting for Jennel.

The next battle was the battle of shear cutness: Beatrice Miller and Carly Rose Sonenclar. They sang "Pumped Up Kicks," an odd choice being a mature song but they did great. They both have mature voices and impressed the judges.

Vino Alan and Maryland homeboy, David Correy, sang "What's going on." This was battle of the tattooed artists. They both sang the song with passion and conviction.

Vino ran off the stage though, not impressed with himself. He wouldn't talk to the producers when they called him over. David took it all in stride proving he might be able to handle this business a little more than Vino.

Diamond White and Dinah Jane Hansen sang "Stronger." You will recall Dinah was was one who was living with about 20 people in her house. Well, she clarified and it is precisely 23 people living in her house. I'm just glad we got an exact count up in that place.

They both sang beautifully. Dinah did mess up, though she recovered quickly. Backstage, Diamond, who might be the sweetest thing ever, was comforting her saying that they both did great. The judges were all happy with their performance, though L.A. was hesitant that if she messes up now, she might mess up again.

I know that this is a singing competition but I would let her into the top 24 just to get away from all that family. Just give the girl a room!

Julia Bullock sang against Ally Brooke. Right after, the judges said right away that somebody won and somebody lost in that battle. Julia had to have lost due to her voice, which came off as annoying instead of passionate.

Also she kept making that ugly face singers sometimes make, and it made me uncomfortable.

Willie Jones competed against Tate Stevens to see who the resident country crooner would be. Now I do not know the words to "Nobody Knows," so I wouldn't know if there were any mess ups or not. Except that Willie wore his disappointment all over his face.

While he was singing and while Tate was singing, he looked angry with himself.

When he exited the stage, the judges asked Willie who picked the song and he said that Tate did because he remembered it from the '90s. The judges thought that this might be him setting Willie up to fail. Agenda or not, he should have known the words.


Jillian Jensen and Latasha Robinson sand the heart-wrenching ballad "Stay." This performance ended up being more of a solo when Latasha's nerves took over and she couldn't sing anymore. Jillian stepped up and knocked it out of the park. The judges were disappointed in her.

Backstage she was crying talking about how she embarrassed herself. It was hard to watch someone with such raw talent to blow one of the few opportunities they'll ever get.

It seems there were all too many contestants letting their nerves get the best of them. We saw contestant after contestant fail to bring the heat in Miami this time. Most notable was Freddie Combs, who forgot the words.

Cece Frey was up against Page Thomas (again). Cece called it the "grand finale," very cocky with those same spots she always has on her face. (Get the girl a bar of soap STAT!).

They sang "Secrets." Once again we have someone who doesn't know the words. Paige forgot them, but still nailed the vocals. Cece saw this as an opportunity to pounce and started to belt it out. I'm assuming they haven't given her the attitude adjustment that she needs yet.

So who made the top 24? We'll have to wait until next week to find out. I'm excited and nervous at the same time.

Were you surprised at how many people failed to remember the words? Do you think any of those underdogs will make it though? And will Cece finally clean those spots off her face? (My guess is no but I'm optimistic.)