Eddie Combs auditions on "The X-Factor."
Eddie Combs auditions on "The X-Factor." (Ray Mickshaw/ FOX)

We started off where we ended last night. Simon said that Trevor Moran, 13, would "be remembered for [his] performance."

Moran was the sick boy who was the focus of the cliffhanger from last night. After watching the paramedics come to his side, we learned that he was ... dehydrated. I'm going to try my best to not sound rude, because I'm really glad he was OK, but that was super anti-climactic. They gave him a Gatorade and on to the stage he went.


He performed, "Sexy and I Know It." He seems like a great kid with a good voice but I was super creeped out by it all. He turned it into his own cabaret, singing the Top 40 hit as if he were on Broadway. The judges loved it and sent him though even though Simon also thought that it was "inappropriate." For real Simon, for real!

Owen Stuart, a sweet 16-year-old boy in love was ready to win this thing for his girlfriend, Tori. When he stepped on stage, he said he would base his first album on all of the things he's been through, like love and stuff. For the record if it were me at 16, I'd base it on algebra being hard and nobody buying me a cellphone. (This is why I never got a record deal I guess.)

He sang "Airplanes," but the rap was his own. I have to say, he was really good. His voice wasn't great but his original rap was. Britney was indifferent toward him but everyone else loved him. He left the stage, calling his girlfriend to say that he had made it. This is how that exchange went:

"I made it through."



I really don't miss being 16 sometimes.

Freddie Combs, 40, inspired a much more touching moment. Weighing in at more than 500 pounds, and already losing 400, he had been through a lot. He dedicated his performance to his wife and sang "The Wind Beneath My Wings." The emotion he put into it was truly memorable, as were the vocals.

It's also moments like this that we see a softer Simon. He said that he needed motivation to lose more weight and that this might just be it, and that if he backed himself that Simon, too, would back him. It was by far the sweetest part of the episode.

Cue the inevitable montage of delusional singers thinking they're great. I always wonder what makes people think that they're really good when they're really bad. Not being a psychologist, I don't know. But I know that it hurts my ears.

A surprisingly soulful Lauren Jauregui, 16, sang "If I Ain't Got You." She made the song her own. I wasn't sitting there thinking of Alicia Keys while she was singing. I was just thinking about how good it was. The judges gave her praise for having such an amazing voice and being so young.

Jordyn Folly, 12, brought her perky little pigtails to the stage. Her enthusiasm was fairly exhausting. When she said her friends were backstage, it cut to what had to be her entire elementary school. She performed "Tomorrow" from "Annie."

While she was singing, Simon wished she would just go away. Britney and Demi really liked her, and L.A. called her a "bundle of joy." Maybe I need a nap, but I'm relating more and more to Simon this season.

The auditions are over now, but we all know the drama isn't. It's been a fun journey but I'm ready for next week. Are you? Who was your favorite? And who gave you a headache? Let me know in the comments.