'The Walking Dead' recap, episode 314: 'Prey'

Andrea (Laurie Holden)
Andrea (Laurie Holden) (Gene Page/AMC)

Ahh, I love a good game of cat and mouse!

Sunday night's installment of The Walking Dead on AMC was basically sixty minutes of the Governor stalking Andrea over hill and dale, through forests and plains, into abandoned warehouses and, finally, to the doorstep of the prison.


There, as Andrea longingly looks at those familiar fences, the Governor swoops in behind her and takes her down. It was exactly like when Jason jumps out of Crystal Lake at the end of Friday the 13th.

Heart breaker!


I get the feeling from following social media that Andrea isn't exactly a fan favorite, but unless your heart is made of stone it's kind of hard to not feel bad for her in this situation. She keeps trying to do the right thing, and she was so close to getting away from that maniac and back to her old friends! Plus, it was sweet of her to kiss Milton on the cheek before she left.

In a nice little symmetrical flourish, the episode ends with Andrea bound up in the torture chair that the Governor had been creepily setting up at the beginning of the episode. He was all down on his knees, pulling on the chains and panting lustily. "It's my workshop..." What a lunatic.

Oh Andrea, why didn't you just pull the trigger when you had a chance? And in time I think Milton is going to regret his decision to stop her from icing him.

Speaking of Milton, I'm pretty sure that was him who set all the zombies ablaze.


And because I might not get another chance, here is the gas fight from "Zoolander."

We're supposed to think that it was Tyreese, but that's a classic misdirection tactic.

So is the Governor going to torture Andrea? I think during the big war between the factions, Michonne is going to bust into that room and rescue Andrea by chopping the chains with her Samurai sword.

And it will be about damn time, because things have been moving kind of slow lately.

The secondary story line of this episode involved Allen and Tyreese having a quarrel. Where the hell did that come from?

Allen's like, "you saved my wife and made me look like an idiot in front of my son!" and Tyreese is like "do you want me to call the WAAAAmbulance?"

I didn't even remember that Allen was a character. I had to look up his name. I was like, "hey, who's the new guy?"


At the beginning of the episode we got to see Michonne's pet walkers again in a flashback, so that was fun. I miss those crazy guys. It was funny when Andrea goes "Do you want to talk about it?" It was funny because Michonne doesn't like to talk about things. It was kind of curious how Michonne was talking about them. She didn't seem to like them all that much when they were alive. She said "They deserved what they got, they weren't human to begin with." What was all that supposed to mean?

Most telegraphed zombie attack

When Andrea was fleeing the Governor in his awesome Tonka pick-em-up truck, she ran up into the woods and was leaning against this tree for like 30 seconds. As soon as she leaned up against that tree you just knew the zombies were about to attack, and of course they did!

Sunday night fights!

There were two pretty good fights in this episode. First, the Governor bullies Milton and shoves him around and throws him up against the wall and Milton pees in his pants a little. Then later Tyreese and Allen throw down. It's a pretty one-sided fight as Tyreese does this little half-hearted inverted atomic drop thing. It reminded me of when AC Slater fought Zack Morris in the hallway.

Did you know?

This episode was originally titled "Killer Within, Part II"

This is the first episode that Rick appeared in without talking. (Thanks Walking Dead Wiki!)

The song at the end of the episode was You Are the Wilderness, by Voxhaul Broadcast

Here is the description of Tyreese's sniper rifle, courtesy of AMC Story Sync:

  • Scoped Steyr Mannlicher .30-06
  • Barrel Length: 20 in.
  • Magazine: 4 cartridges
  • Bolt-action with direct, optionally set trigger
  • Overall Length: 41.3 in
  • Weight: 7.26 lbs
  • Enhanced anti-corrosion finish

Tyreese was not a very good sharpshooter, and his sister teased him for some pretty good comic relief. When she was like LOL you can't shoot straight. FAIL! I was like =)

Emily Kinney's Zombie Apocalypse Playlist

TVZ is pretty cool. Otherwise it just sounds like a bunch of stuff they would play in an indy coffee shop.


(What are these anyway? Selected tracks that play on my Pandora station when I'm writing this blog. I think it's fun, so I'll keep doing it.)

Quote board

Andrea: "You wanna frisk me?"

Tyreese: "We stand on that wall to stop biters, not keep people in. This isn't a prison camp is it?"

Tyreese: "She said some pretty crazy s***. Allen: "You know why? Cause she's crazy."

Allen: "They been attacked by that crazy ass cowboy and some chick with a sword. S***'s going down and you're making waves."

The Governor: "Haha, yeah, shhhhhh..." (as he has Andrea pinned against the ground)

The Governor: "People are more afraid of a biter on a leash than a gun in their face."

Winner: Allen

Best zombie kill

When the Governor smash-smash-smashed that zombie's head with the shovel until its head looked like a big messy flesh pinata that had been ravaged by a horde of sadistic ten-year-olds. Then he smashed it some more. It's head got all misshapen so that it looked like one of the aliens from the Cantina band in Star Wars.

He sure liked smashing stuff with that shovel. He also shattered like ten glass windows. I kept expecting Stone Cold Steve Austin to come strutting in with his skin-tight jorts and a leather fanny pack. Why did wrestlers always wear those fanny packs anyway?

The Governor had another pretty good one when he spiked that zombie's head onto the drill press.

Creepiest zombie

Oof, one of those that got burned up in the trailer! It's skin was all charred and raw and it's white eyes were bulging out and it was clawing at the air! Awesome! It kind of reminded me of tarman from Return of the Living Dead.

There was also a pretty creepy one when Andrea was jogging along the countryside. You could only see it from a distance, but its face looked really pale, almost like a Geisha girl. It was really creepy!

Death count

Zombies: There were at least 12, plus however many got torched in the pit. It looked like a couple dozen more there. So we're at around 230 on the season.

Humans: None, still holding at 29 on the season.
Lingering questions

  • How do Milton's inventions work?
  • What is Morgan going to do with himself in King County?
  • Will Rick turn over Michonne?
  • Who burned up all those zombies in the pit?
  • What song was the Governor whistling while he stalked Andrea? (I don't think SoundHound would work...) A good one would have been "Hey There Little Red Riding Hood" or "Foul Owl on the Prowl".
A look ahead to next week's episode, "This Sorrowful Life"

Rick talks about what to do about the Governor, and prepares for battle. Daryl talks to Merle about what their role in the ensuing fight should be.