'The Walking Dead' recap, 'Claimed'

Dr. Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) takes exception to the term "Mullet".
Dr. Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) takes exception to the term "Mullet". (Gene Page / AMC)

Would you care for some Crazy Cheese? Why yes, yes I would. But I would also be OK with some Kraft Easy Cheese. Or some Wis Pride Port Wine spreadable cheese...

On Sunday night's episode of "The Walking Dead" on AMC, Michonne tempts Carl with a can of aerosol spray cheese, referring to it as Crazy Cheese. Carl was all upset about the loss of younger sister Judith, and Michonne was trying to lighten his mood by spraying processed cheese product all in her mouth and groaning like a zombie.


It was a pretty good bit, I thought, and I would have cracked up if I was Carl.

I get that he's going through his "Slipknot" phase but hey Carl, life sucks for everyone right now, why you gotta make it worse by acting like a jerk?


Michonne confides in Carl that she had a son, which seems to soften him up a bit.

Back at the house, Rick has his hands full with that band of rough-around-the-edges maruaders. Those guys were SO loud! It was like, what are you trying to do, wake the dead? Hah, classic.

Meanwhile, Tara and Glenn are getting acquainted with Abraham, Eugene and Rosita. Glenn has his mind set on finding Maggie, even if Abraham needs Glenn and Tara to help escort mulleted Eugene to Washington, D.C. to help figure out this whole zombie business.

If Eugene is so dang smart, why does he shoot up their Army truck while trying to dispatch a few walkers? Yeah, something doesn't add up. Abraham won't take no for an answer, though, and Glenn and him have a UFC fight in the middle of the road.


Rick shows why he is a survivor by hiding under the bed while the marauders scuffle, eventually strangling one himself and stealing his jacket and gun. That strangled man turns into a zombie, causing enough of a distraction for Rick, Michonne and Carl to get away, and they stumble upon the train tracks that lead to Terminus!


I get that they couldn't call it Easy Cheese, cause it's a trademark or something. But why not just call it spray cheese, or canned cheese? What's so crazy about it? Is it like Silly String, which is more messy than silly, when you think about it?


I sure didn't get a good vibe from those jerks that entered the house all noisily. First off, they were just plain mean to each other. The one tried to take a nap, and the other one was like "I want to take a nap in that bed, so I'll choke you to have your bed." I felt kind of sorry for the handkerchief hat man who was trying to take a nap, but he probably would have been the one doing the choking if he had the chance. I wouldn't want to live in a world like that. If I want to take a nap, the biggest hindrance I want to have to deal with is clearing a big pile of clean laundry off of my bed, not fending off a mean, dirty, choking man yelling at me with foul language.

Then there was that other guy who was bouncing the tennis ball like Jack Nicholson in "The Shining". I can see why that would help pass the time in the zombie apocalypse. Was he their ringleader? They reminded me of those bumpkins in "Deliverance".

Walking Dead Wikia calls those guys Tony, Harley, Lou and Len. Apparently, Lou is the one who Rick killed in the bathroom, and he was played by stuntm'n Scott Dale, who also played a National Guardsman in Season 3.


The house that Carl and Michonne explored might have been the most frightening of all time on The Walking Dead. It had all this kids stuff, and we all know that when you mix little kids and horror, you get truly bone chilling horror moments. I guess the premise was that the patriarch was a painter man, and he painted mildly creepy pictures of rabbits and stuff, until the zombie apocalypse, when he painted a portrait of a woman with blood coming out of her eyes, and laid his family down in bed to kill them before sitting in a rocking chair and shooting himself in the face. *Shudder*

That was a nice bookshelf that looked like a white plastic tree, but it didn't seem like a very efficient use of space.


  • Sometimes they shoot dust pellets out of paintball guns to make bullet impacts.
  • Christian Serratos, who plays Rosita, is so a'skeered of knives she won't even buy food that needs to be cut. OK, that's not cute, that's just dumb and ridiculous, and something only a spoiled actress would claim. First of all, when you eat your teeth are little knives cutting the food, so unless you're only eating plain yogurt and Cream of Wheat.
  • In the scene where Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) was hanging from the roof performing his own Jackie Chan stunt, Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) was mooning him, hoping he'd get distracted by his pillows and fall to his horrific death.
  • Rick's new machinery gun is an Uzi 9MM.
  • Thanks Talking Dead and Story Sync!


  • Abraham is a ginger.
  • Rick still has the wrist watch that Carol gave him as a parting gift.
  • Michonne's son was named Andre Anthony. Cute...


Michonne: "Do you have something to say about my extremely comfortable and attractive shirt?"

Carl: "I was like blehhh, it was so gross!"

Michonne: "Make sure there isn't a box of cookies hiding in there."

Mean man: "My bed now, jagoff."

Abraham: "Eugene is a scientist, and he knows exactly what caused all of this."

Abraham: "Now come on, get back in the truck, do something with your life."

Eugene: "Trust me, I'm smarter than you."

WInner: Michonne


Abraham was bludgeoning this one willful zombie with some rod, and he pinned it up against the side of an Army truck. He stabbed it errantly through the chin, and it just started hissing all furiously, so he quieted all of that noise by smashing the living daylights out of its skull to smithereens with the butt of Tara's gun. Welcome to the show Abraham!


There was this one that was pinned between two trucks. It was all confused and disoriented and ornery, just stuck there waiting for someone to put it out of its misery.


Zombies: I counted 18, but it got pretty difficult to keep track when they came out of the corn field. Story Sync said "16+" so we'll split the difference and go with 17. That's about 273 so far this season.
Humans: Just one, that mean vest-wearing man in the bathroom who Rick choked out like Georges St-Pierre. 38 so far this season.


What group were those guys who searched Rick's house from? Who's shoe did they find near the train tracks that made Beth cry? What book was Carl reading in the house? What book was Rick reading before those weirdos invaded the house? Who was on the other end of that radio transmission from earlier in the season? What is new with Morgan?

A look ahead to the next episode, "Still"

Beth and Daryl flee from the zombies and hide in the trunk of a crappy car as the horde passes. Daryl needs new crossbow arrows, Beth builds a fire using a side view mirror, and Daryl kills a rattle snake.