We're off to the semifinals! Season 10's eight remaining contestants gave it their all during last night's performances.

In this week's intense episode, each artist was given the spotlight not once, but twice — first in a solo performance and again in a duet with another competing artist. The matchups made sense and showcased the versatility of the artists, though some better than others. To help the top eight sing their hearts out, Pink joined "The Voice" family as a guest adviser.


With half of the artists facing elimination, host Carson Daly put it best when he said they were "swinging for the fences." The first singer to step up to the plate was Team Adam's Shalyah Fearing. The 16-year-old vocalist set the bar singing "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" by Jennifer Hudson. All four coaches were on their feet by the song's end, and Adam begged viewers to vote this girl through. Shalyah's firecracker performance was full of range and emotion. Despite the difficulty of the crazy high notes, Shalyah nailed it.

Alisan Porter and Adam Wakefield then gave us a beautiful duet of John Prine and Bonnie Raitt's "Angel from Montgomery." Adam slayed the guitar and Alisan gave us a taste of her crazy range. Their voices complemented each other perfectly — these two were a match made in vocal heaven.

Next up, Team Blake's Paxton Ingram took the stage singing "I'd Do Anything For Love" by Meat Loaf. Paxton gave us another high-energy performance, full of passion and theatrics. His coach couldn't have been more proud — commending Paxton's hard work and undying ambition. As last week's instant save, Paxton proved that he was willing to take it to the next step.

Team Adam's Laith Al-Saadi spiced things up this week, singing Adele's "One and Only." His bluesy rendition was not only unique but very impressive. Laith's goal was to prove that he could make any song his own, and he definitely accomplished that.

In the end, having a ton of charisma, a variety of talents and the heartfelt support of Christina Aguilera weren¿t enough to keep Nick Hagelin on 'The Voice.'

Bryan Bautista and Mary Sarah joined forces to sing a duet of Ariana Grande's "Break Free." The song choice was a little unfitting for the R&B and country artists. Despite the unique pairing, the duet wasn't all that special. Both singers were pushing hard to hit their notes and work the stage. Nevertheless, they did their best based on what they were given.

For Team Christina's Alisan Porter, the former child star performed "Desperado" by The Eagles, and it was magical. Alisan never fails to impress with her technical skill and raw emotions. We can all agree with Adam Levine's statement that she really can "do everything." A big elimination may be around the corner, but if Alisan continues to kill it each time, she may just secure her spot in next week's finale.

Hannah Houston and Laith Al-Saadi also teamed up for a duet, singing "Knock on Wood" by Eddie Floyd. It was an upbeat and entertaining performance, but I couldn't help but think a tender song choice would've been better to highlight the contrasting skills of the two artists.

Team Blake's Adam Wakefield performed his coach's own "I'm Sorry," written by Chris Stapleton. Adam's version was a perfect mix of country, soul and a little bit of rock 'n' roll. The piano playing amplified the emotion behind the song, and he sang every note with precision. Adam did Blake's song justice, and there was no doubt about it.

Another artist to sing a song by their coach was Team Christina's Bryan Bautista. "Hurt" is not an easy song to sing — let alone perform — but somehow, Bryan did it. He really connected to the song, sharing that his father has not been in contact with him since his journey on the show. Bryan's realness and vulnerability made for a truly touching rendition.

Before we could get too down in the dumps after that heart-wrenching performance, Paxton Ingram and Shalyah Fearing teamed up to sing "Masterpiece" by Jessie J. It was a solid song choice for both artists, but it could've used more tender moments.

As for Team Blake's last country artist, Mary Sarah sang "I Told You So" by Randy Travis. Blake called it her best yet, telling those who don't know good country to search this performance on YouTube. Blake went on to rave about her organic talent, saying it was "100 percent pure, solid, great, phenomenal country music."

Last but certainty not least, Team Pharrell's Hannah Huston closed off the night singing "When a Man Loves a Woman" by Percy Sledge. She delivered the lyrics with her heart and soul —dropping to one knee and ending the last note on a dramatic backbend. The a cappella start was a great stylistic move and the entire performance was powerful and consistent.

After this week's jaw-dropping performances, America's semifinal votes are more important than ever. Each artist must go big or go home as we countdown to the final four contestants in the upcoming episode.