'The Voice' recap, Three contestants to go home

"The Voice" threw us another curve ball last night — for those (me included) that thought two more contestants would be cut this week, oh, were we wrong.

There will be not two, but three finalists next week, which means only one — whether it be Terry McDermott, Trevin Hunte, Cassadee Pope or Nicholas David — will be going home.


Only Team Blake Shelton and Team Cee Lo Green have singers left this year — a first in "Voice" history. But judging from that remarkably tailored suit and tie, Adam Levine is handling defeat gracefully. And so handsomely.

"The Voice" tugged at our heartstrings last night, with each of the remaining contestants returning home, and many feelings ensuing.


First up was Trevin Hunte, who went home to Georgia to his old middle school, with a message of hope: if you work hard enough, your dream WILL come true. I'm not even going to point out the flaw in this logic/advice, because it really was empowering. One thing I want to know, however, is where the heck was that awful teacher who told him he wouldn't amount to anything? Narrative flaw, NBC.

Trevin then sang "Wind Beneath My Wings," a song which I'm torn about because I hate "Beaches" but appear to be the only one in the world to feel that way. But this song never fails to make me tear up, and Trevin, yet again, proved he and his voice are gifts from a higher power.

Nicholas David then went home to Minnesota (soundtracked by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, so points to NBC), and much slight-bowing, hands-folded gratefulness ensued.

He took on "You Are So Beautiful To Me," and his wife and kids were in the audience, so of course there were tears. I'm running out of new, complimentary things to say about Nicholas. I had no idea he would make it this far in the competition, but he's so weird, soulful, warm, gentle — and the words that describe his personality also describe his singing voice. And, I'm pretty sure this was the first time we've ever seen him without glasses. Cee Lo said it: "You look very handsome tonight, sir."

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Cassadee Pope went home to West Palm Beach, Fla. (proving once more just how HARD HER LIFE MUST BE) and cooed and thanked her way through each of her family and friends gathered to greet her. She was so thankful for her family being just sooo supportive of her, like she was surprised. Well, here's the thing, Cassadee: Grandparents probably find it easier to explain to their friends, "oh, my Cassadee is on a singing show!" rather than, "oh, my Cassadee is on Warped Tour right now, and there are these things called mosh pits." Now is a good time to mention that Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz was in the audience at "The Voice," but that's all he's getting: a mention.

She continued the country bender she's been on, singing Keith Urban's "Stupid Boy," which was actually really powerful — even haunting — even though I still don't hear an ounce of sincerity in her voice. Everyone else, obviously, disagrees here.

And now, my favorite moment of the night: Terry McDermott went back to his adopted hometown of New Orleans, surprising his son, who was in the kitchen MAKING A GINGERBREAD HOUSE FOR CHRISTMAS. Terry just sneaks up behind him and asks, "What're you making?" And this tiny little self-possessed miniature adult, whose name I can't remember, simply gives a small little gasp and exclaims, "Dad!" I would normally have to watch three hours of cat videos to get this amount of adorable all at once. Terry got his own surprise when his aunt and uncle visited from Scotland, and was as adorable as his son in his surprise.

Carson Daly had me a little worried when he plugged Terry's performance as one of the "most-loved songs of all time," and I was even more concerned when we found out it was "Let It Be," because some things are just sacred. But Terry's performance was so beautiful, his voice so clear and pure, that I'm not sure why there was ever a doubt in my mind this could be anything less than perfect.


Leftover Christmas-y Thoughts:

Michael Buble and Blake Shelton continued in their campaigns to eventually take over NBC, and the world (so many Christmas specials!). Buble kicked things off with a song of his Christmas album, which he swears he recorded because he love Christmas, and not because, you know, there's a small fortune to be had in Christmas music.

Blake also performed some Christmas tunes, with the help of his entire Season 3 team (Michaela Paige's mohawk looked very festive). With all of them in the studio, "White Christmas" sounded so unforgivably awful. Blake by far had the strongest team this year, but they were all such unique singers that their styles just didn't seem to harmonize well. But with the live performance, everyone sounded like angels ….. except for Blake. Now, let's move on before too much thinking tarnishes my opinion of this perfect man.