'The Voice' recap: The Top 6 perform

Jacquie Lee performs on "The Voice."
Jacquie Lee performs on "The Voice."(Tyler Golden / NBC)

With only two more weeks left, the top 6 had no other choice but to put on their best performances and go for the votes from America that will secure their spot in next week's show.

With Team CeeLo completely out of the competition, it was time for the three contestants on Team Adam, Team Christina' dynamic duo and Team Blake's lone ranger to perform two songs: one of their choice dedicated to someone special, and one picked by their coach.


Team Blake: Cole Vosbury and "Rich Girl" by Hall and Oates/"Better Man" by James Morrison

The pressure was on for Cole Vosbury! Being the last one standing on Team Blake means he has to work extra hard, or his coach won't have the opportunity to win the competition (again). After presenting him with a guitar, Blake felt the perfect song for Cole would be "Rich Girl" by Hall and Oates. Cole kicked off the night with a performance that left the judges and audience impressed.


Later in the competition, Cole performed a special song dedicated to his first love. After his performance of James Morrison's "Better Man," Cole proved again why he is a front runner in the competition. Former coach CeeLo shared how he is rooting for him; with his team no longer in the competition, he is "sharing custody" with Blake, to help him win the competition.

Team Adam: Tessanne Chin and "Redemption Song" by Bob Marley/"Unconditionally" by Katy Perry

For Tessanne's first performance, Coach Adam felt it was important for her to give an ode to her country, perform a song that would showcase her talent and, most importantly, move the audience. Adam chose the Bob Marley hit "Redemption Song" for Tessanne, who not only moved the audience, but set the bar high for the remainder of the performances throughout the night. Christina loved Tessanne's consistency and ability to take her back to Jamaica with her voice.

Tessanne dedicated her second performance, of the Katy Perry hit "Unconditionally," to her parents. The theme of the song was perfect and she delivered a flawless performance. For one of the first times in the competition, Blake had a chance to compliment Tessanne on her performance and deemed her a "world class singer." Coach Adam said her ability is off the charts and that she never lets him down. Rave reviews all night for Tessanne.

Team Christina: Matthew Schuler and "Story of My Life" by One Direction/"When A Man Loves a Woman" by Percy Sledge

By this point in the competition, America and the coaches are aware that Matthew Schuler can take on any pop song and make it his own. That is why his dedication performance to his family of One Direction's "Story of My Life" came as no surprise when he nailed it, putting the "Matthew Schuler" flare on the hit. While Adam wasn't quite familiar with the song (Blake was), he still felt the message and the point Matthew was trying to get across.

For Matthew's second performance, it was time to raise the bar and switch up his style. Matthew's coach Christina chose the Percy Sledge classic "When a Man Loves a Woman." Not only did Matthew give a more-than-stellar performance, but he assured everyone that he can take on a more soulful ballad and nail it. Blake felt his moment of soul was, in one-word "Great." Christina was proud to see Matthew deliver in a performance that was an unconventional style for him.

Team Adam: Will Champlinand "A Change is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke/"Hey Brother "by Avicii

Will Champlin may officially be "The Voice's" "Badass Piano Man." On the Sam Cooke classic "A Change is Gonna Come," dedicated to his wife and their daughter, he started off behind the piano and made his way across the stage throughout his performance in a classic Will Champlin move. AfCeeLo said the performance was great, while coach Adam said it just felt real.

For his second performance of the night, it was time for Will to lose the soul, grab the banjo and go a little folk! Because he loves to see his wheels turn, Will's coach Adam chose Avcii's "Hey Brother." While the audience seemed to enjoy it plenty, Blake seemed to enjoy it even more, adding how happy he was to see Will playing the banjo while putting on a great vocal performance.

Team Christina: Jacquie Leeand "Cry Baby" Janis Joplin/"The Voice Within" by Christina Aguilera

How is it possible to put a ton of emotion into a breakup song -- and you haven't even experienced your first breakup? The competition's youngest contestant proved that you can. Jacquie's coach Christina chose the Janis Joplin breakup anthem "Cry Baby" for Jacquie's first performance of the night. Jacquie blew the judges, audience and Carson away with her emotional rendition. Not only did Christina give her a standing ovation, but she walked on the stage to show the audience the mic stand Jacquie left there. CeeLo was amazed at Jacquie's performance and called her some kind of medium.


Jacquie dedicated her final song of the night to her coach, the person who performed and wrote the song, Christina Aguilera. Jacquie performed "The Voice Within," a song written by her coach over 10 years ago, and a song that allowed them to bond. Like any other contestant who would perform a song in front of the actual person who sang it first, the pressure was on. Christina loved it!

Team Adam: James Wolpert and "Fell in Love with a Girl" by The White Stripes/"I'd Do Anything for Love" by Meatloaf

When dedicating a song to your father, I wouldn't think The White Stripes' "Fell In Love with a Girl" would be the first choice. But it was for James Wolpert. After thanking his father for being there for him through all his good (and bad) decisions, James took the stage for his first performance of the night. For "Fell In Love with a Girl," James stripped it down and made the song intimate, while giving his big performance voice a break. James earned rave reviews from the coaches -- especially Adam, who said he loved the vision and voice of his performance.

Let the rock-opera begin!  James couldn't be mellow for long -- we all know that isn't his style. For the final performance of the night, James performed the Meatloaf hit "I'd Do Anything for Love." Complete with his classic big vocals and big musical theatrics, James delivered a performance that should guarantee his spot in next week's show. CeeLo said that was the best performance of the night, while Adam had to inform the audience that Adam was sick (who knew?) and didn't allow his lack of speaking voice to take away from his singing voice.

Now that the Top 6 have performed, it is again time for America to cast their votes. Next week, only five will be one step closer to becoming "The Voice." Will it be your favorite?

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