'The Voice' recap: The Top 5 perform

It's semi-finals time!

Monday night's episode of "The Voice" kicked off the semi-finals with two performances from each of the remaining five contestants. The semi-finals weren't only about competition, but also dedications and homecomings. Each contestant got to take a trip back home to see those who voted for them and have supported them week after week in the competition. (Hello Texas, Massachusetts, New York City and Oklahoma).


Kicking off the show was a performance by coach Usher. After an entire day of instagram pictures on motorcycles, in the gym, backstage at "The Voice" and a trending topic (#VoiceTwisted), it was finally time to see the coach we have all been waiting for take the stage and perform his new single, "Twisted." Usher did not disappoint, with amazing vocals and the dance moves we all love so much.

Team Blake: The Swon Brothers: "Turn the Page," by Bob Seger

This one was for the band. The duo dedicated their rendition of the Seger classic to the band members who have played with them in the past, as well as the present. Taking time to show a softer side, the brothers kicked off the show with the Bob Seger hit, "Turn the Page." The duo eared rave reviews, as Usher called the performance "Incredible," Adam felt the performance was great and their coach, Blake Shelton, (fresh off of a standing ovation) was simply blown away.

"Danny's Song," by Kenny Loggins

Welcome to Oklahoma! Before their second performance of the night, The Swon Brothers took a trip home to Oklahoma, the place that started it all for them and their coach, Blake Shelton. After a wonderful greeting from Nanny Swon, earning the Rising Star award from the Music Hall of Fame and having a week dedicated to them, it was time for The Swon Brothers to perform another song -- the Kenny Loggins classic, "Danny's Song." After performing the heart-felt classic, coaches Adam and Usher were both surprised and amazed. Coach Blake called it the biggest night on "The Voice."

Team Shakira: Sasha Allen: "I Will Always Love You," by Dolly Parton

Imagine how nervous you were for Sasha when you found out she would be performing this song, times that by three and add a million -- that is probably half of the amount of nerves Sasha felt performing such a hit. Dedicating the timeless classic (made famous by Whitney Houston) "I Will Always Love You" to her children, Sasha Allen was a vision in white, accompanied by a harp and strings. She won the hearts of the audience and the coaches: Adam felt she did an incredible job performing one of his "nightmare songs," Usher complimented her on "the voice that is going to keep her here" and Sasha's coach, Shakira, deemed the performance amazing (and thanked her mother for suggesting Sasha performs a Whitney song).

"Bad Girls," by Donna Summer


Hello NYC! Sasha Allen took a trip home to the city that started it all for her. Picking up her daughter from school with her fiancé, doing a radio appearance on her local radio station, then finally performing at The Village Underground were all in a day's work for Sasha "Fierce" Allen. Taking "The Voice" stage for her second performance, it was "Saturday Night Fever"-time as she performed Donna Summer's disco hit, "Bad Girls".  Former coach Adam commended her for being amazing every time, Usher enjoyed his private show…whoops, the performance, and Shakira thanked Sasha for making the performance "magical."

Team Usher: Michelle Chamuel: Clarity," by Zedd

Welcome Home Michelle! Taking a trip back home to Amherst, Mass., Michelle Chamuel enjoyed a party with her family and friends, a trip to the coffee shop where she worked before joining "The Voice" and a visit to Fenway Park, where she sang "America the Beautiful." Back in L.A. on "The Voice" stage, Michelle felt at home with her performance of the EDM hit by Zedd, "Clarity," complete with her big voice and a yellow blazer (a moment to show our love for her signature blazers -- with the ever-growing shoulder pads -- each week). Michelle delivered a performance that not only made the audience proud, but the coaches, too. Adam could only say "I love you," Blake commended her on the "power of the squatting" and Michelle's coach, Usher, was proud of the fact she always brings her A-game.

Bonus: Even host Carson Daly, a Yankee, fan loved the Massachusetts native's performance.

"Time after Time," by Cyndi Lauper

For her second performance of the night, Michelle Chamuel decided to slow it down. She dedicated her second performance, of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time," to someone who has been there for her since day one on "The Voice" -- her coach, Usher. *wipes tear* Adam Levine felt the performance was great, while Michelle coach and muse Usher simply called her the winner.


Team Blake: Danielle Bradbery: "Please Remember Me," by Tim McGraw

Home is where the heart is! Danielle Bradbery took a trip home to Houston to see the family and friends she missed so much. The home-sick teen took a trip to her high school, sang the "National Anthem" at an Astros game and got the key to the city. No one will ever forget the teen star as she performed Tim McGraw's "Please Remember Me." Usher called the performance "amazeballs," Adam didn't feel anyone could sing the song better than that and proud grandpa/coach Blake pointed out that Danielle has no weaknesses when it comes to singing…wow!

"Who I Am," by Jessica Andrews

For her dedication performance, Danielle sang Jessica Andrews' "Who I Am," literally to her mother and her friends, the ones who have been by her the entire time. (And happened to be in the audience). After a powerhouse performance that left not a dry eye in the room, coach Usher felt the need to dedicate the performance to his family members, before complimenting Danielle on an excellent performance. Shakira said she can't wait to say "she knew Danielle when," while coach Blake called the youngest member on his team a "superstar."

Team Adam: Amber Carrington: "Firework," by Katy Perry

Giving a shout-out to her best friends, the girls who would roll the windows down and sing at the top of their lungs with her, Amber Carrington dedicated her stripped-down performance of Katy Perry's "Firework" to them. Performing another "nightmare" song, the coaches felt Amber nailed the performance. Coach Blake deemed her performance "phenomenal," Shakira felt she did wonderful taking on the "nightmare" song and coach Adam felt she sang the song better than anyone ever has.

"Sad," Maroon 5

Deep in the heart of Texas! Taking a trip to her home state of Texas, Amber Carrington spent the day visiting her family, stopping by Rodeo City Music Hall and having a day dedicated to her. For her second performance, Amber decided to take on one of her coach's personal classics. With her rendition of Maroon 5's "Sad," Amber used her larger vocals to move the audiences and coaches. Blake was blown away, Usher commended her on making everyone at home proud and Coach Adam felt she sang the song better than he did.

Tuesday night's results show brings back the double elimination, meaning two of your favorites could go home. Who will go on to be The Voice? It is still up in the air at this point.