Sharon Mathai (left) and Nicolle Galyon (sans piano) sing Sara Bareilles' 'Love Song.'
Sharon Mathai (left) and Nicolle Galyon (sans piano) sing Sara Bareilles' 'Love Song.' (Lewis Jacobs/NBC)

Sara Toth is incredibly sorry she could not blog about the fourth and final Battle Round episode of "The Voice." She has been detained by work duties. But as her coworker, friend, fellow TV Lust blogger (I normally write about "The Vampire Diaries") and fan of the "The Voice," I think I am more than qualified to fill in.
And I am so glad it was this episode Sara needed me to cover for her, because one of the battles featured my 2005 Laurel High classmate Moses Stone. Spartan pride was at stake!
Here's the rundown of tonight's battles and the round-out of the teams as "The Voice" gets set to go onto the live shows where America chooses the winners and losers.
Team Cee-Lo
James Massone versus Wade: Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors"
I really felt the emotion as James and Wade sang. So did Ce-Lo; the battle rehearsal brought him to tears. Ce-Lo told them: "I don't sing like that, so I can't help but be humbled by it." But even though they were fairly matched,  as Adam explained, James' voice just "grabs your attention more."
Cee-Lo's Pick: James Massone
Tony Vincent versus Justin Hopkins: Journey's "Faithfully"

Cee-Lo cries again. This time at the very first rehearsal. And I understand why. I was mesmerized during Tony and Justin's entire performance. I really couldn't pick between these two. The judges were equally divided.
Cee-Lo's Pick: Tony Vincent
Final Team: Tony Vincent, James Massone, Erin Martin, Juliet Simms, Jamar Rogers and Cheesa
Team Adam

Nicolle Galyon versus Sharon Mathai: Sara Bareilles' "Love Song"

As Christina put it "this a hands-down, no brainer." Mathai killed it. Cee-Lo said Nicole's singing was "a little generic," and I agree. I do feel somewhat bad for her because Adam made her play without her piano. But let's not forget this is "The Voice." Adam said he was let down because the performance was better in rehearsal, but his choice was still obvious …
Adam's Pick: Mathai
Orlando Napier versus Karla Davis: Lionel Richie's "Easy"

Adam had originally assigned Orlando and Karla to sing Hall and Oates' "Rich Girl." But he changed his mind because it wasn't the "right thing." I'm not sure his choice of "Easy" was the right thing either. As Christina said: "It was just a little lackluster." Karla had her shoulders hunched close to her ears during the entire performance, and it looked weird. And I thought Orlando sang it better, but …
Adam's Pick: Karla Davis
Final Team: Karla Davis, Mathai, Pip, Katrina Parker, Tony Luca and Kim Yarbrough
Team Christina

Moses Stone versus The Line: The Rolling Stones' "[I Can't Get No] Satisfaction"
No offense to my fellow Laurel High alum, but I can't get no satisfaction from this performance. It was such a hot mess. Christina called the pairing a "kickass, interesting experiment," but let's be honest, these artists were so different from anyone else on her team that they were just the last left and got stuck battling each other. Both were out of their element, and it showed. The only highlight was when Moses rapped a verse, but even then I wasn't overly impressed (I'd like to see him perform an original rap). Christina put Adam and Blake in their place after they said they would choose The Line because this show is about vocal ability: "The Voice does not have to be a specific thing for this show. It doesn't have to be this power-house, incredible over ad-libbed vocal … In this business you have to know how to be versatile … anytime, anywhere, because that's 'The Voice' to me."
Christina's Pick: Moses Stone
Final Team: Moses Stone, Ashley De La Rosa, Lindsey Pavao, Sera Hill, Chris Mann and Jesse Campbell
Team Blake

Jordan Rager versus Naia Kete: Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours"

Going into this battle, I was thinking Blake wouldn't turn down the opportunity to keep an aspiring country artist over a street performer, but then he assigned Jordan and Naia a Jason Mraz song, putting Jordan at a major disadvantage. He didn't do a bad job (much better than I expected), but in my mind Naia was the obvious choice. The other coaches agreed.
Blake's Pick: Naia Kete
Final Team: Naia Kete, Erin Willett, Jermaine Paul, Charlotte Sometimes, RaeLynn and Jordis Unga
Some other observations:
I don't care if they do the filming all on the same day, please make the coaches change outfits (It's not as if they can't afford it). I'm sick of looking at the same clothes each week. (Except Adam's sweater; I love me some Adam in that sweater.)
The "Bitch Award" of the night goes to Hailey, who walks off the stage with angry pursed lips and refuses to talk after The Line gets eliminated.
Some of the guest mentors' comments were interesting tonight. Here's a select few:
Babyface: "Wade, he looked like a 12-year-old. When I heard him sing, I realized that this kid, he can really feel these kinds of songs. He can feel an adult song."
Robin Thicke said Nicolle's voice "sounds like morning coffee on the veranda"
Jewel says to The Line: "You guys have dated before, and it obviously didn't work out, so something didn't satisfy you."