'The Voice' recap, Night 2 of the Knockout Rounds

Night 2 of the Knockout Rounds brought more entertainment and heartbreak for the contestants.

It was time for Team Blake and Team Usher to make it through the Knockout Rounds, and move on to next week's live playoffs. With Adam's angels and Shakira's all-star team already assembled, it was time for them to watch as coaches Blake and Usher's teams battled it out.


Team Blake: Savannah Berry, "As Long as You Love Me" by Justin Bieber vs. Justin Rivers, "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus

Country-pop was the sound for this competition as Savannah and Justin opened the competition with two major pop hits. Blake was surprised to see two of the more-country influenced artists choose pop songs. Savannah's version of "As Long as You Love Me" got the attention of coach Blake and Usher. Justin decided to shake things up a bit with his rendition of "The Climb," which impressed Adam and Shakira.


But of course, the decision was up to Blake. He chose Savannah, which knocked Justin out of the competition.

Team Usher: Josiah Hawley, "Back to Black" by Amy Winehouse vs. Jess Keller, "Give Me Something" by James Morrison

"It's weird … I think you two should have sang each-others' songs." We were thinking that too, Adam.

In one of the night's more interesting Knockout Rounds, Josiah put an edgy twist on "Back to Black" while Jess played it safe with a song close to her heart — "Give Me Something" by James Morrison. As the coaches first complimented Josiah on his looks (here's looking at you, Shakira and Adam), it was Blake and Usher who wanted "more" from each contestant. In the end, Josiah was selected to move on to the playoffs.

Sidebar: I think Josiah is a hybrid of Shakira's boyfriend, with Robin Thicke's hair.

Team Blake: Holly Tucker, "Live Like You're Dying" by Tim McGraw vs. Luke Edgemon, "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry

This battle was tricky for all parties involved. While Team Blake's shy college-band girl Holly delivered a stellar performance, it was Luke's sexy take on "Teenage Dream" that had knockout potential. While the judges remained 50/50 on whom to choose, it was up to Blake to make the final decision. Ultimately, it was Holly's strong voice that knocked Luke out of the competition.

Team Usher: Audrey Karrasch, "How to Love" by Lil Wayne vs. Michelle Chamuel, "Raise Your Glass" by Pink


Usher broke out some of the best training tactics "The Voice" has ever seen to get his two competitors ready. While he took the "very close" approach for Audrey, it was more like a mini work-out session for Michelle, as they did push-ups (not the girly ones) and jumped rope to prepare her for an energetic performance.

As the battle of the indie artists began, Audrey took the slower approachto Lil Wayne's hip-hop ballad "How to Love," while Michelle's breathtaking performance of Pink's "Raise Your Glass" stole the show.

"I feel like someone just told you that you won the lottery backstage before you came out on stage, and I felt like I was celebrating with you while I was watching that performance," said a judge. (I did, too.) In the end, Michelle and her energy were chosen for the next round.

Team Blake: Danielle Bradbery, "Jesus Take the Wheel" by Carrie Underwood vs. Taylor Beckham, "Russian Roulette" by Rihanna

In the "Cute but Deadly" portion of the show, Team Blake's Danielle and Taylor performed two opposite songs, and also landed two opposite sets of comments from the coaches. While Danielle was praised for her strong vocals and confidence, Taylor's lack of confidence and not-so-strong vocals knocked her out of the competition, making Danielle the winner, and giving her a chance to do her fourth performance (ever) on next week's show.

Team Usher: C. Perkins, "She Ain't You" by Chris Brown vs. Vedo, "(Everything I Do) I Do it For You" by Bryan Adams

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In this case maybe more energy isn't what they were looking for. It was the Knockout battle of the R&B crooners. C. Perkins delivered energy and got the crowd swaying, while Vedo dedicated his performance  to his late mother. In the end, and after much consideration, Usher it was up to Usher to decide which one of these contestants would move on to the next round, after much consideration, it was time for C. Perkins to leave the competition.

Team Blake: Grace Askew, "I Can't Stand the Rain" by Tina Turner vs. The Swan Brothers, "Drift Away" by Dobie Gray

While Grace maintained the attention of the judges and the audience, it was the joint effort of the Swan Brothers, the judges, the audience and the viewers at home (admit it, you sang along, too) in the final chorus of their performance that won everyone over. Even the compliments of her sound weren't enough to keep Grace in the competition, as Blake decided to give the Swan Brothers the fourth spot on his team.

Team Usher: Cathia, "Mr. Know it All" by Kelly Clarkson vs. Ryan Innes, "I Don't Wanna Be" by Gavin Degraw

I'm still reeling over the results of this battle.

This was a "toughy" one, as Latin performer Cathia faced everyone's favorite doctor-turned-singer, Ryan Innes. Cathia surprised everyone with her ability to flex her strong vocals. It was harder for Ryan to showcase the vocal ability everyone grew to love. But in an upset victory, Ryan defeated Cathia.


Get your phones ready, next week is the first week of the live playoffs, which gives viewers a chance to try and save the team members they really love. While I have lost every person I was rooting for before this moment, I'm sure there will be some talent that will blow me away and get my votes. Who will get yours?