'The Voice' recap: A look at this year's teams

Last night's episode was a great overview -- mostly for those who have no idea what's happening or haven't been keeping up with these recaps ... like a fool.

To make things simple: We're off to the live shows! After months of building teams, dueling it out during battle rounds and whittling down the fierce competition in knockouts, 20 talented artists will fight to the finish.


Will Gwen be the first female coach to take home the title? Is Adam's head getting way too big, or is it just the right size?

Before we get swayed by the smack talk of our overly confident coaches, let's take a closer look at the breakdown of our teams this year.


Team Pharrell: Young, soulful artists; 100 percent "the real thing."

1. Mark Hood: 24, a high energy performer from Chicago, Illinois. Mark aspires to be the next "John Legend meets Pharrell Williams." During rehearsals, he made such an impression on the adviser, Missy Elliott, that she shed tears. Pharrell says vocally he takes everyone to church during his performances.

2. Madi Davis: 16, soared through the battle roads despite her hearing loss. Madi really showed her versatility during knockouts when she gave coaches a taste of her wide ranges. Madi's voice control is not only inspiring but very impressive for an artist at an early age.

3. Evan McKeel: 20, the one who sang a solo of Steve Wonder's "Overjoyed" during blind auditions. Not only is he a four-chair turner, McKeel really connects to his audience with his emotions.

4. Riley Biederer: 19, once stolen by Gwen but back on Team Pharrell. Riley is a sassy singer from Atlanta who was also signed by Elton John's music management company at the age of 15.

5. Darius Scott: 23, a "freelance stylist" who also has a stylistic voice. Darius has never been on the chopping block, and for good reason. The coaches are constantly inspired by his ability to hit every note with precision. His N.E.R.D. tattoo, inspired by Pharrell, speaks for his passion for music.

Team Blake: A group of great storytellers, "the second strongest team" – Adam.

1. Ivonne Acero: 17, returning artist from last season. Blake refers to her as his "dark horse." Ivonne may have something Blake hasn't discovered yet, but what we do know is that, during rehearsals her performance gave Rihanna goosebumps due to her "sick bravado."


2. Emily Ann Roberts: 16, vintage country singer. Blake says very soon her voice will be heard on the radio and one day make Blake a "very rich man." She may be little but her voice is larger than life.

3. Zach Seabaugh: 16, looks like Superman and sings like Superman, according to Adam. If you close your eyes, you'd never be able to guess his age. It's like you're listening to a 30-year-old country singer with a lifetime of experience.

4. Morgan Frazier: 22, she doesn't take no for an answer. Morgan was stolen by Pharrell and returned to her country roots for the live show. Her raw and powerful voice has an ability to connect with the audience.

5. Barrett Baber: 35, high-school teacher who always looks like he's having a great time. This four-chair turner is a natural talent. Blake said it himself — he was born to be a superstar.

Team Gwen: A proud mama of eclectic artists, a cast of true underdogs.

1. Braiden Sunshine: 15, the youngest artist on the show. Braden has made tremendous improvements and his stage presence has really come to life.


2. Regina Love: 51, the radio diva with stolen from Adam. Gwen really believes she deserve to be on the show. She may be the oldest but her talents are still in full function.

3. Korin Bukowski: 20, the fun and quirky misfit. Gwen calls her "interesting and weird," but Korin isn't shy about embracing her inner-weirdness.

4. Jeffery Austin: 24, left his desk job to pursue this dream. Rihanna says he makes people melt. Jeffery is definitely a voice to look out for.

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5. Viktor Kiraly: Four-chair turner, ready to make a name from himself after living in Budapest, Hungary. As another stolen artist from Team Adam, Gwen is ready to take him to the next level.

Team Adam: A force to be reckoned with, full of four-chair turners.

1. Jordan Smith: 21, a truly inspiring artist who leaves audiences in awe. Jordan is a true powerhouse, and he has never has a bad moment on stage.


2. Keith Semple: 33, a father, a rock star and a true on-stage performer. His over-the-top performances never fail to entertain.

3. Blaine Mitchell: 24, one of Blake's biggest regrets. As a stolen artist, everyone is impressed by his underestimated talent. Blake admits there's so much more to him that's yet to be discovered.

4. Shelby Brown: 16, a small-town country singer who never fails to impress. It was a true shining moment for Adam when Shelby picked him over Blake. With a vocal skill set that keeps judges on their toes, Shelby really shines when she's confident on stage.

5. Amy Vachal: 26, a beautiful Brooklyn indie soul singer stolen from Team Pharrell. Although she may not be as rambunctious as some of the other artists, there's something about Amy that leaves you wanting more.