Orlando Dixon and Ryan Innes battle it out.
Orlando Dixon and Ryan Innes battle it out. (NBC)

It was a very exciting third night of battle rounds. The night was filled with exciting performances that left the coaches, performers and audience speechless.

Full of steals, upsets, and great competition, the third night of the battle rounds was definitely a charm.


Disclaimer: It must have been opposite day, everyone I was rooting for … lost.

Team Usher: Jessica Childress vs. Vedo, "Walked Outta Heaven" by Bruno Mars

Former PR girl Jessica Childress faced R&B sensation Vedo. Put together by their coach due to their opposite personalities, the duo performed the Bruno Mars hit "Locked Out of Heaven." In a sensational performance the duo left Shakira "feeling good," Blake "feeling bad for Usher" and Adam with a new friend in Jessica. Ultimately Coach Usher was left with the final decision, choosing r&b sensation Vedo.

No one grabbed Jessica in the steal, but maybe she can still bro down with Adam. (Please girl, do it for all of us).

Team Shakira: Luke Edgemon vs. Monique Abbadie, "You and I" by Lady Gaga

Two of Team Shakira's more eclectic voices duked it out in ring performing the Lady Gaga hit "You and I". Preacher's Son Luke Edgemon 86ed his glasses to take on former Latin child star Monique Abbadie. While the other coaches tried to figure out where Luke's powerful sound came from, or how Monique managed to sound so "professional," coach Shakira felt the performance had the right amount of ingredients (just enough Tabasco) to leave her with the heart-wrenching decision. In the end it was Monique Abbadie who won in a strategic move by Shakira, leaving Luke up for a steal, and on team Blake.

Team Blake: Jacqui Sandell vs. Savannah Berry, "Little White Church" by Little Big Town

It was the battle of the leather skirt vs. the cute floral dress. Team Blake's Jacqui Sandell faced country sensation Savannah Berry. Two of the teams' most opposite contestants found their confidence as they performed Little Big Town's "Little White Church." While Jacqui was praised for putting her own "thang" on it, Savannah's voice and "victory leap" landed her a spot on team Shrek … team Blake!

Team Shakira: C Perkins vs. Kris Thomas, "It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars

In team Shakira's second battle of the night, C. Perkins, and Kris Thomas performed the Bruno Mars hit "It Will Rain." After a little struggle during rehearsal both contestants were able to find their voices. While coaches Shakira and Blake felt the performance was a little all over the place, Usher remained mum on helping her make the decision. In the end it was Kris Thomas who was given another chance to "prove those jerks" who dropped him from the label wrong. Sending C. Perkins on his way home, until Usher grabbed him in a very "legal" last second steal.

His poor heart. It went down, and then it came back up!

Team Adam: Midas Whale vs. Patrick Dodd, "Burning Love" by Elvis

First thing, who knew Midas Whale was so funny?

After a last minute change in the arrangement of the performance, Team Adam delivered a unique take on the Elvis hit "Burning Love."  With more of a folk twist duo Midas Whale faced Memphis rocker Patrick Dodd. At the end of the "kick ass" performance coach Adam was left with his "toughest decision in four seasons". After much consideration (tough thinking and trying to make them a trio) Adam decided to take the more charismatic route and go with Midas Whale.


I feel Patrick Dodd was robbed of a steal. Who can I write about this?

Team Usher: Orlando Dixon vs. Ryan Innes, "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers

I know, I know, I know I know this was the best performance of the night, on any network.

Team Usher and "The Voice's" two strongest voices battled it out for the final performance of the night. While Orlando became the nights "revelation," Ryan Innes was deemed "a man's man." After listening to the other coaches' suggestions, and an additional minute of consideration, Usher decided to go with doctor-turned-singer Ryan Innes.

Of course there were no losers in this battle. Adam snagged Orlando Dixon in the steal, giving the DMV native another chance to shine.

Can this season get any better than night three? I guess we will find out.

Can we also suggest that Jessica and Patrick make a possible return this season? *puts note in The Voice suggestion box*