Devyn Deloera and MarissaAnn show off their moves on 'The Voice.'
Devyn Deloera and MarissaAnn show off their moves on 'The Voice.'

Guys, it's election season — obvious, I know, right? But this is important when it comes to "The Voice" because tonight's show was cut short because of the third and final presidential debate.

Now, this is a space free of any politics (a safe place, if you will) but I have to hammer this home: IT IS SO IMPORTANT YOU VOTE…for your favorite singers on "The Voice."  But, right now we're still wrapping up the battles, and audience votes won't count just yet, but they will. So yeah, voting is important.



New Orleans native Alexis Marceaux and second-time Voice-er Daniel Rosa were the first battle of the night, with Adam Lambert's "Whataya Want From Me."

Daniel found the notes to be scary, and Alexis, with her classical training was over-enunciating words, which is a no-no in rock, Rob Thomas said. (As if the song title wasn't enough of a giveaway that proper diction can get thrown right out the damn window when it comes to music.)

But they both brought it; both have a pleasant, raw raspiness to their voice. Alexis soared on the notes, but Daniel went deep, and I think he's strongest in his lower register. Cee Lo went with Daniel because he felt more connected to his flaws.


Nicole Nelson went up against Brandon Mahone with the Motown classic "Ain't No Mountain High," which is a nice change of pace for the show's battles, because it's actually duet. Still, this seemed like a mismatch — on the surface, they're two soulful singers whose voices back all the power of Motown. But, she's 34 and has been a semi-professional singer for years, and he's in high school.

Still, it was a good show. Brandon over-performed a bit in his physicality, while Nicole seemed to rest on her laurels a bit.  Adam went with Nicole, who was lauded by other coaches like Christina for her consistency.


NBC, THIS MADNESS MUST END. We had six battles tonight, and three were clipped to all hell. For recap sake, here you go:

Adam paired up Loren Allred and Brian Scartocci with Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now," and chose Loren to stick around.

He also paired up Joe Kirkland with Samuel Mouton to sing "You Get What You Give" by the Zac Brown Band, and then saved Joe, sending Samuel home.

Blake Shelton (sadly the only mention this beautiful man gets tonight) paired up Hey Monday frontwoman Cassadee Pope and Ryan Jirovec with Gavin DeGraw's "Not Over You," and picked Cassadee to move on.

And that is literally all I know about these battles and contestants. You can thank NBC for that.



Christina put together Devyn DeLoera and MarissaAnn (who literally look and sound exactly the same but one's 15 and one's 20) with R&B hit "Free Your Mind." I'll let you all bask in the 90s glory that is En Vogue for a second here …

This song is brash, loud, unforgiving, and these girls were so cute and sweet and, as Christina put it, "squeaky clean." While I disagree with Billie Joe Armstrong that this is a "rock song; if you accidentally spit on us it's OK," I was worried that these two couldn't handle this raw of a song. Example: "I'm 15, but I have emotions," said whichever one is 15 years old.

But when they took the stage, Devyn and MarissaAnn were fierceness embodied. Christina went with Devyn, but Blake picked MarissaAnn with a steal. "Come give me a hug!" he said, and MarissaAnn went to Christina's arms first. Awkwardddd.

Here's Where We Stand:

With the last night of battles just a day away, Adam has filled his entire team, while Blake and Cee Lo have one spot left each. However, Christina has a spot AND a steal left, so we shall see how this plays out. Avery Wilson, Chevonne, Adriana Louise, Jordan Pruitt, Kelly Crapa and Michaela Paige all have yet to battle it out.