The moment of truth for Nicholas David and Trevin Hunte.
The moment of truth for Nicholas David and Trevin Hunte. (NBC)

On Tuesday night's episode, America sent home Trevin Hunte, leaving only Nicholas David, Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott in the running for next week's finale.

America, I understand. I really do. Trevin being constantly praised was getting old, and quick, and there's only so many times you can hear an inspirational song being sung by an angel before you lose interest.


So, now we have Nicholas, Cassadee and Terry left, and I may have to eat my words: at the very, very beginning of Season 3, I wanted nothing more than for a woman to win it all. Then, we met Cassadee, and I'm sorry America, I still do not like her. I'm trying, though, I promise.

So let's take a look at what happened last night.

Season 2 alum RaeLynn, Chris Mann and Juliet Simms all returned for performances of their original songs, with varying degrees of success.

Juliet Simms, with "Wild Child," sang among caged dancers, sounding vaguely like Gwen Stefani and a banshee, and I remember sadly, oh, I used to like you.

RaeLynn's original song, "Boyfriend," was about the nicest nastiest thing I have ever heard; sample lyric: "I want your boyfriend. Just thought you should know."

I think if RaeLynn ever said this to me, I would punch her square in the flower she tucks into her hair because 1) I'm pretty sure I'm taller than her (this never happens to me) and it's actually physically feasible, and 2) You are not benefitting anyone by saying you want my boyfriend. You ain't getting' him.

Chris Mann's original song, "Roads," was off his new album of the same name, but OH WAIT THERE'S MORE: He has TWO new albums. Chris, like any self-respecting mainstream crooner, has released a Christmas album, because there aren't enough already in the world. Tis the season.

Oh, the contestants sang, too:

In what's probably my favorite song of the season, Cassadee and Terry teamed up on "Little Talks," by Of Monsters and Men, the song that has been on every mix tape playlist I have made since I first heard it earlier this year. So, I'm admittedly biased.

But it was so pleasant to hear Terry sing something alternative and contemporary, and I was even THIS CLOSE to liking Cassadee (the two have good chemistry, what can I say) but then she tried to out-sing Terry. You don't mess with the little Scottish hobbit, Cassadee, sorry. (At least her dress was super cute?)

Nicholas David and Trevin Hunte took on Mariah Carey's "Hero," creating something beautiful and captivating out of a song (and artist) I normally would disregard. The two's voice complement each other so well — both have such soul!

Leftover thoughts:

Carson Daly, to Chris Mann: "You're like a real recording artist!" Don't so surprised, Carson, it's unbecoming.

Adam Levine, just keep wearing those suits forever.


Nicholas calls Trevin his little brother; specifically, "little brother, little brother, little brother." Awwwwwwww.

When asked who they would want to be stuck with a desert island:

Terry: "Me. I have no problem talking to myself."

Adam: "Christina. We could make a music super-baby."

Trevin: "Nicholas. I've heard he eats trees."

Nicholas: "I will not disclose that information."